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September 17, 2021

Montevideo Council confirmed the winner

Uruguay: Codere started negotiations to refurbish Carrasco Hotel

(Uruguay).- Codere-Sofitel started negotiating to hire companies and technicians for the refurbishment of Carrasco hotel. The investment will be of us$ 63 million and 450 jobs will be created.


he Council confirmed that Codere-Sofitel group was the winner of the tender for the refurbishment of Hotel Casino Carrasco. After the opening of the second envelope, scoring (over a total of 100) concluded this way: Sofitel 79,43, Hyatt- Grupo Liberman 70,64, Tsakos 59,32 and Pestana 55,71.

The file was released this week in Montevideo Council and the four bidders will have five days to make the proper observations. After that, the tender process will pass through the Court of Auditors and then through the Local Committee, where they expect the formal steps to be master, because the political party Frente Amplio has the majority necessary for the approval. The statement of the Court of Auditors is non-binding, so the local council will not be forced to attend the observations that the corporation might have.

Once the Committee approves the tender process, there will be a four-month period to present and approve the project. The development must be concluded in a two-year deadline and there will be a 30-year concession.

The director of Sofitel project, Guillermo Arcani, informed that the project to hire the corresponding companies, technicians and staff has already begun. People will be from Uruguay and from abroad. Anyway, he assured that "most of the staff will be Uruguayan.”

"We started with the architectural part, so we hired the study called IAG Arquitectos, from Neuquén, which developed the project. Then we continued with the hiring of leading companies in different sectors involving construction”, explained the businessman.

As a novelty, it incorporates an underground parking space for 196 cars. Besides, the casino is located under the square access. According to Architect Adrián Ibarroule, the hotel will be able to allocate its original halls to restaurants, congresses and cultural activities. On top of that, the lawyer of Liberman-Hyatt group, Ariel Gianola, confirmed that it will challenge the tender of the city council.

"As it was foreseeable, the administration insists in the aim of remaining illegal. It means they do not respect the own rules that they set for this contest and they do not respect the legal order. I say that not only on my own but also on behalf of all the professors consulted,” declared Gianola.

Liberman-Hyatt, that presented in this tender as Dongara Investments INC, states that Sofitel does not comply with three key requirements demanded in the conditions: available financing, distribution of demanded areas (hotel, casino and services), and a secure contract between the hotel operators and the casino operators. In order to support the statement, the firm presented reports of Professors Cassinelli Muñoz, Delpiazzo and Olivera García.

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