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September 16, 2021

The latest development of its SprintPay and ExtraCash auto-payout jackpot concept

Octavian to launch new "High Drive" system at IGE 2009

(UK).- Octavian has an impressive track record in auto-payout jackpot systems that link EGMs into highly exciting, revenue-generating hot-spots for slot operators. The latest development in this area is High Drive, a local Progressives Jackpot system for the accumulation and drawing of six Progressive and two Mystery Jackpots.


igh Drive, to be launched at IGE 2009, is the latest development of Octavian’s SprintPay and ExtraCash auto-payout jackpot concept. These innovative gaming systems introduces Octavian’s unique integration of game content, jackpot management, video display and instant credit transfer technologies. This seamless integration enables simultaneous jackpot announcement on the screens of linked gaming machine and plasma display/s, as well as automated payouts.

Now High Drive takes the system’s revenue-generation potential to new levels. The system, typically consisting of between 3 and 12 linked EGMs, integrates multiple jackpots with themed games and entertaining jackpot announcements and animations featuring High Drive’s distinctive ’Lucky Bird’ character.

"Players are drawn to the competitive atmosphere created by an Octavian auto-payout jackpot system. Because every aspect of the system is fully integrated, it’s an involving experience that generates and maintains high levels of interest and motivation amongst players. The High Drive system is not only capable of driving revenue growth - it also raises customer service levels. Players no longer have to wait for an attendant to manually pay out, as the jackpot win is automatically added to their credit," explained

Igor Gedzyun, Design Director, Octavian Global Technologies Inc.

Features are: Revenue-generating Local Progressive Jackpot system for accumulation and drawing of six Progressives and two Mystery Jackpots, complete integrated game, jackpot and ’staffless’ payout system - no technological constraints to get in the way of players’ enjoyment of the competitive atmosphere created by group jackpots and easy installation and set-up of, typically, 3 to 12 EGMs into highly exciting, revenue-generating jackpot groups.

Besides, high-quality graphics seamlessly integrated across all gaming machine screens and linked plasma display/s,real-time presentation on plasma screen of jackpot amounts, animated Lucky Bird adventures and promotional messages, highly flexible - works with different, interchangeable Octavian games titles, which can be installed in various cabinets and growing range of themed Octavian High Drive games including Pilot School, Night Taxi, Cinemania and Grand Cruise.

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