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October 19, 2021

There are about 80 thousand slot machines in pubs in the country

British gambling rules relaxed to boost industry and economy

(UK).- In the United Kingdom, beer joints, clubs and similar establishments are allowed to install slot machines in their premises for adult customers to place their bets on, and gamble with their money.


ambling rules have been relaxed recently by the government regulators as they increased the minimum bets from us$ 0.72 to us$ 1.45 with the prize doubling from us$ 0.50 to us$ 1.

Times Online reports the following: “The relaxation of gambling rules is expected to provide a boost to the industry in the downturn by generating an extra 20% in revenue. The treasury will also benefit from an additional us$ 39.2 million a year in VAT. However critics fear that it will increase the levels of gambling addiction”.

The report added: There were questions last night about the morality of encouraging people to gamble more during recession. Anna Drew, a spokeswoman for the Methodist Church, said ‘We would be concerned that any increase in stakes and prize limits might be likely to increase amount that people risk and the amount that they would want to chase. People do chase their losses on slot machines – they pump money in to get back the us$ 7.2, us$ 14.5 or us$ 29.1 have already spent. ’Britain has around a third of a million problem gamblers according to GameCare, and we wouldn’t want that to increase’.

There are about 80 thousand slot machines in pubs in Britain. About 14% of the people had used them in the past year. One third of the users are under 24 years old with men more likely to play than women, according to The Gambling Commission.

It was also estimated that the gaming machines generate revenue of us$ 14.5 billion with about us$ 11.9 billion going to prizes paid to winners. Prime Minister Gordon Brown has been criticized for condoning policies that promotes greed and love of money by some religious sectors. But Brown emphasized that it was a necessary step “if the economy is not moving”.

A spokesman of the Department of Culture, Media and Sports said that the Gambling Commission would impose tough codes of practice to protect the consumer. “The protection of children and vulnerable people is at the heart of the Gambling Act and this remains our priority” the spokesman said.

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