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October 15, 2021

Statements by Stephan Allegrini, Managing Director of ILD consortium

"Gran Scala project will start in 2009"

(Spain).- Paul Stephan Allegrini, managing director of ILD consortium, promoter of the project, denies that the delays in the project are due to financial problems, and adds that they are normal in such an important development where several administrations must bring their authorizations.


ven Aragon Parliament has recently said that Gran Scala was just an idea. Several voices assure that this initiative will never be concluded. Why there is such lack of confidence?

Gran Scala could be considered an idea in 2005, but in 2007 it was a firm project and that’s why it was officially presented. Its construction will start next year, and so it will become real. So, as long as machines start operating, I hope that lack of confidence will disappear.

It has been said that the delays hide financial problems...

It is a speculation without a real reason. First of all, the delays are normal in important projects. I even think that the process goes faster than the average. In fact, we expect to sign the fist options to buy land in Ontiñena and start the construction in the second semestre of 2009.

If you consider that we are talking about more than 1,300 properties with 130 owners, you will understand that negotiations and documents take time. Besides, investments are guaranteed by important companies.

Wouldn’t the economic crisis be a good excuse to cancel the project?

The crisis will not have influence on Gran Scala. The 17 million euros investment and 65,000 employments are maintained.

Are new delays foreseeable?

So far, we cannot talk about delays. We plan to inaugurate Gran Scala in 2012. At that moment, the complex will be one of the biggest in Europe, although the total project will not be concluded until 2020.

Why was the complex finally located in Huesca?

Ontiñena was one of the five places proposed by Aragon government, so it is not a modification. The people of Aragon has had an excellent response to the project. The council has seen Gran Scala as a project that may bring employment and wealth, something especially valuable in times of economic crisis.

Did neighbors have the same opinion?

It seems evident if you see the land offer. In fact, acceptance is beyond political parties.

Something that does not occur in Aragon. It even exists an anti-Gran Scala platform…

We intend to be transparent. We respect the opinions, as long as they are based in objective data and not in simple speculations.

What about the environmental impact?

It may be a good example. Before the beginning of the development, it is thought that it may affect the environment. The project will be attached to the law and, if it infringes it in any way, sanctions will be imposed. Besides, I think the preventive character of the law will not allow any improper action.

And what about the European Parliament?

No one said anything to us. Of course, if they call us, we will assist. We do not have anything to hide. We have bet on transparency and we will be act according to the situation. We do not understand why some people insist in condemn us without even have acted.

It also assures that the 65,000 employments planned in the project will all be temporary.

It is because they are not aware of the project. Gran Scala belongs to a type of complex that gathers several different ways of entertainment, from golf to casinos or the theme park. So we are talking about activities that require very qualified workers, with salaries that exceed the average. Besides the business model does not consider, due to its own structure, temporary employment, because the attraction of the complex is that it lasts all year.

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