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October 19, 2021

Rob Pitts think it might help the state out of its current financial problems

Lawmaker proposes plan to create casinos in Georgia

(US).- Tough economic times have placed a strain on the state of Georgia. One state lawmaker pointed to the ailing economy last week as one of the reasons why Georgia should legalize gambling.


ne longtime supporter of legalized gambling in Georgia said he supported two casinos being built in the state and added that they might help the state out of its current financial problems.

The ailing economy and its affect on Georgia is one of the reasons why Fulton County Commissioner Rob Pitts want to revisit the idea of casinos in the state. Pitts is lobbying both state lawmakers and Governor Sonny Perdue to allow to casinos in the state.

Pitts said additional revenues from gaming would help Georgia get out of its current financial problems. "The only source of revenue readily available is casino gambling. That coupled with the fact that once the business community gets behind it, especially the hospitality industry, and the people demanding the right to vote. We’re [going to] have casino gambling in Atlanta," said Pitts.

Pitts is also supporting Atlanta Representative Roger Bruce’s legislation to allow each town to decide on casino gambling via referendum.

Atlanta’s Underground district has been mentioned as a location for gaming in the past, but the plan will likely meet with huge opposition. Some Republicans said that even with the state’s current financial woes, a casino bill would not make it out of committee due to opposition from religious groups.

Pitts remained optimistic saying, "Any question that has come up about this has been answered over and over again. And once the legislature allows the people to vote on it, it will pass with 65 % of the vote. Georgians love to gamble."

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