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September 24, 2021

Stefan Enchev, Sales Manager Latin America of the firm

"For another year, Casino Technology demonstrated its achievements of a leading gaming manufacturer"

(US, exclusive interviewed Stefan Enchev, Sales Manager Latin America of Casino Technology, who commented the novelties the firm presented in recent G2E, and also made a balance of the performance of the company in the event and the feedback with the public.


hat novelties did you present in G2E ?

We had a wide range of new products displayed at G2E this year. We had something new in every product category, including video slot games, video slot machines, multiplayer systems and jackpot displays. We proudly demonstrated for the first time our latest development GEMINI SENSA. This top product has a range of patented improvements ensuring better visual presentation, accessibility and user-friendly environment for the player.

Some of the most important new features include: innovative keyboard technology, ensuring instant player control and intuitive play, panorama LCD displays providing better viewing area for greater visual impact; a 3rd auxiliary monitor for a real-time entertainment broadcast.

GEMINI SENSA came along with more than 10 new video-slot game releases, to give a new class of entertainment to the players. One year after the launch of the PlayMe grand piano roulette at G2E 2008, Casino Technology has now brought to Vegas two more versions of the innovative multiplayer platform, revealing further its unlimited options for player’s entertainment and multifunctional use.

Representing a configuration of two grand-piano cabinets with a shared automatic (or semi-automatic) roulette wheel PlayMe Dueling Piano provides unique entertainment value along with an increased number of player seats. An additional attraction and excitement comes with the option for dueling pianists, which enhances the entertainment element and ensures great live atmosphere in the gaming area.

The other product PlayMe VideoSlot combines in a unique way services provided by group of video-slots, musical instrument and drinks bar. This is a multi-station platform completed with selected video-slot games. All necessary video-slot features are built-in the grand piano cabinet. Its multifunctional construction makes it unbeatable solution for any casino resort, allowing visitors to enjoy, relax, and socialize while playing.

Which was the balance of the presence of Casino Technology in G2E ?

For another year, Casino Technology demonstrated its achievements of a leading gaming manufacturer. We enjoyed an increased interest and many visitors at the stand; most of our corporative clients personally visited us and we also made a lot of new contacts. As a result, we have been currently closing a couple of important deals for major slot installations in Uruguay, Honduras, Venezuela, Colombia and Chile. We also have our first deal with a Native American operator. Thanks to the great variety of Class III games we have to offer to the Native American sector we are closing deals for future trials in some of the biggest Indian casinos in California.

Which has been the response of the public that visited its booth?

All the visitors really enjoyed our exposition. Situated on a huge floor space, our stand attracted a lot of people not only with the innovative and attractive equipment but also with the atmosphere resembling a crowded piano bar. On the spotlight was the boutique PlayMe Dueling Piano with a real party going around, featuring performances of the talented dueling pianists and the charming singers. More than 500 people took photographs with the boutique product also accompanied by a lot of lovely girls and the Paris Hilton look-a-like. Everybody was enthusiastic about the great potential of the whole PlayMe series to produce new kind of entertainment for casino audience.

How do you think the global crisis will affect the gaming market and manufacturers in general?

For us as a manufacturer, the main concern is connected with the financial instability of the market and sudden currency jumps, which probably would affect the cost price of our products. Also there could be some complications in respect of our long-term planning in the field of R&D projects as the gap between starting and developing new product and the actual manufacturing leaves room for some unpredictable factors that can have an affect.

Which will be the following events in which you will be present?

We are looking forward to the ICE 2009, which is traditionally very important for us. This year we shall launch our new Slant top model in London. We shall take part for the first time at the Indian Gaming expo; G2E Asia, Peru Gaming Show and G2E in Las Vegas are the other important events for us from the 2009 calendar.

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