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September 22, 2021

According to a Juniper Research report

UK report predicts explosive growth in mobile gambling

(UK).- Even as businesses of all types suffer under the effects of the global recession, one aspect of the gambling industry looks to continue growing. Mobile gambling, a developing segment of online gaming, has been predicted by researchers to double in volume in the next year.


indsor Holden found in his published Juniper Research report that wagering through mobile phones may reach as high as us$ 3.6 billion in 2009. Holden found that consumers’ appetite for gambling does not decline in recessionary times, it simply seeks other outlets. Improvements in technology have made mobile gaming the wave of the future.

Holden said, "Gambling is essentially a recession-proof industry, as while there may be marginal reductions in the level of stakes amongst casual users, the overall appetite for gambling per se will be unaffected. Furthermore, with the growing availability of betting services on-portal, the mobile is an increasingly convenient and user-friendly means of placing a bet."

Increasing availability also will drive mobile betting forward. Bookmakers and online casinos throughout Europe are beginning to feature services for mobile phones, often in partnership with network providers.

The report noted the United Kingdom market will drive this rise in mobile betting, saying regulatory restrictions in some countries, such as the US, prevent the market from reaching its potential. Holden also argues for the need of regulation and governance of the budding industry is necessary to protect both consumers and network providers.

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