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June 24, 2021

Based on the existing SWP format where a player chooses a stake

JPMi releases cross platform game on

(UK).- JPM interactive announced that one of the most successful cross platform SWP games, “Who Wants to be a Millionaire”, is now live on This introduction follows a long line of JPM successes both online and in land based applications.


he game is based on the existing SWP format where a player chooses a stake and this in turn changes the highest win reward and also the prize tree for the game. Stakes are us$ 1,5, us$ 3 and us$ 7.6 with top awards of us$ 30, us$ 61 and a top prize of us$ 153 for the us$ 7.6 stake.

The prize tree is based on points with questions asked in the same format as the TV game. The more points accrued the higher the award. Questions get progressively harder the higher up the ladder a player goes.

As with the TV game a player has 3 lifelines with Phone a Friend, 50/50 and Ask the Audience. For a player to get these they must complete the “Fastest Finger First” round and the faster the player answers the more lifelines they get. If they get the question wrong they still progress to the prize tree but without any lifelines.

Again in keeping with the original there are guaranteed prize levels as 1000 and 32000 points if the stake allows for a prize at these levels. On the first question players get another chance if they answer the question incorrectly. All questions are against the clock and if they are not answered in the time limit the game is over.

Once a prize level is reached the player will be offered the option of continuing or taking the prize. If they continue and lose they will revert to the guaranteed prize level if they have reached it. If not they lose all accrued prizes. If a player reaches the 1Million Point question and answers it correctly, the prize will be paid automatically.

Commenting on the game Duncan Cheadle Managing Director of JPMi commented: “Millionaire is one of the most popular SWP games ever and it is only a natural progression to have it online. We are extremely pleased that a leading company such as Ladbrokes sees the online potential and we are highly confident it will be well played and high earning game for them.”

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