International edition
July 28, 2021

Interview to Nicolas Diénot, Area Sales Manager Mediterranean, Latin America & Caribbean

GPI presented its variety of products with RFID technology in G2E

(US, exclusive GPI presented many new products within G2E, held in Las Vegas last November 18-20. There, interviewed in exclusive Nicolas Diénot, Area Sales Manager Mediterranean, Latin America & Caribbean of the firm, who commented the advantages of the new products and the task they are performing to penetrate in the Latin Market.


hat did the firm present in this new G2E edition?

This was the year in which we presented the biggest number of new products. Visitors were impressed by the novelty, mainly with an additional display in RFID poker table. We also have a peripheral: a display that shows the latest plays and all the table performance. Always with RFID, which has, as well as in Black Jack table, a Built Acceptor, that sends the drop information directly to our system. This is the first time in the world in which this type of integration is performed, and we did it together with JCM.

We were also presenting a roulette table with RFID, which has not been performed before, where you can read the total of bets played, indicating also how much did each player bet.

We had many visitors, especially from South America, a 80% in mi case. And with regards to projects, we are going to announce the signing of an important sale in Venezuela, that is about to open at the beginning of 2009, with RFID and projects that we are negotiating in the dynamic Andean region.

Which is the penetration of RFID technology in Latin America, which is a market that is a bit more backwards with regards to technology?

Customers arrive with different concerns. For example, a client arrives with a security problem: his chips were forged. Another one has to control the circulation of the chips.

All these different problems will be solved with RFID and customers will realize that entering in RFID to solve a particular problem brings other benefits that pay the investment itself, so we are entering the market this way.

What market share does this technology have nowadays?

I would say it is a small portion of the market because we are just starting with one or two installations per country. We already have Panama, Argentina, Venezuela –in a few months, Trinidad and Tobago, Dominican Republic, all those countries that already have RFID casino, so just a few of them do not have it and those are my goals for the following months.

So for 2009 we can say that one of the main objectives of GPI is to expand the RFID penetration in the Latin American market?

Exactly, in order to expand it. On top of the fact of having a variety of solutions, even wider that in the previous years, which will help us a lot.

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