International edition
September 27, 2021

At booth 1956

Abbiati will exhibit designed tables linked with RFID technology at G2E

(US).- In addition to new innovative Italian designed Tables and Laser Roulette Wheels linked to Multimedia Displays, Abbiati Casino Equipment will exhibit at G2E the full flexibility of RFID Technology using 13.56 MHz PJM RFID enabled value and non value chips together with PGIC CIS (chip inventory system).


iorgio Abbiati, Managing Director of Abbiati Casino Equipment, explained the speed and accuracy with which the 13.56 MHz PJM technology operates allows us to help casinos improve their performance in mission critical areas such as game speed. For an industry where time is money, being able to increase the speed of information is a huge benefit.”

Furthermore, the full PGIC Chip Inventory System, or CIS, that verifies and shows all chip movements in real time, from Vaults to Cage, to Table and Chip Trays, will also be displayed on the stand by using 13.56 MHz PJM RFID Value Chips and Plaques manufactured by Abbiati.

Giorgio Abbiati continued by adding: “After a successful installation by a new Casino in England that has implemented RFID Technology using 13.56 MHz PJM RFID enabled value and non value chips together with PGIC CIS (chip inventory system) we have now finalized our Chip and Plaque manufacturing process which also interfaces to other modules such as Casinolink Table or Cage.”

A jointly developed project by Abbiati and PGIC for Poker that has now been completed is in response to increasing customer demand for a 13.56 MHz PJM enabled RFID poker tables and allows for full auditing and verification of RFID enabled chips and pot totals. The simple touch screen interface provides the ability to set and calculate any pot percentage quickly and accurately during the game.

A PGIC spokesman commented “when we coupled rapid adoption of our RFID technology with the ever growing poker market, this was a natural step in the enhancement of the product range. As more and more casinos adopt our Chip Inventory System and look towards RFID enabled player tracking, it is logical that they expect us to be able to support their poker rooms too. The addition of this versatile technology has significant benefits for them and we will continue to enhance this product as we move forward.”

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