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June 24, 2021

It will highlight the company's newest Electronic Table System

Shuffle Master to exhibit its developments next week at G2E

(US).- Shuffle Master announced that it will exhibit at the Global Gaming Expo being held in Las Vegas next week, with product demonstrations to be available at booth 2129. The company will also participate in the G2E Gaming Investment Forum sponsored by Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank on November 17 and 18.


huffle Master will highlight several new products including the following: As the firm’s newest Electronic Table System, the i-Table combines a variety of products to create an exciting new table game experience. Utilizing six touch-screen player stations embedded in a standard size blackjack table, the i-Table combines an intuitive electronic betting interface with a live dealer who deals the selected game from either an i-Shoe Auto card reading shoe or one2six Plus continuous shuffler for games like blackjack and baccarat, or the i-Deal specialty shuffler for games like Three Card Poker.

By automating the betting process, the i-Table dramatically increases game security, accuracy and speed, resulting in a significant increase in rounds per hour while eliminating errors. Further, its integrated card and bet recognition functionality instantaneously records a variety of crucial table game data points and its real-time access to all card data gives the i-Table the ability to offer players true odds calculated by the value of their initial two cards against the dealer’s up-card.

Finally, its platform provides casinos with an unprecedented level of game versatility: its integrated software and hardware configuration makes it easy to switch between popular shoe-dealt games like blackjack and baccarat as player demand dictates.

i-Shoe Auto is a smart alternative to a traditional dealing shoe, and delivers cards to the front of the shoe automatically, reducing repetitive stress injuries while making the dealing process easier and more accurate than ever before. Its optical card recognition technology automatically reads the rank and suit of each card as it is dealt and uses this data to determine appropriate game outcome and reduce game manipulation and collusion on multi-deck games like baccarat.

Featuring an easy-to-read LCD touch screen that displays the accurate hand values once each round is complete, the i-Shoe Auto can also transmit game results to a remote location via the casino network for further review and analysis.

An enhancement to the one2six multi-deck continuous shuffler designed specifically for use on the i-Table, the one2six Plus incorporates optical card recognition technology with continuous shuffling to virtually eliminate blackjack card counting and shuffle tracking. Using an optical camera located in the front of the shuffler, the one2six Plus reads each card as it is dealt from the shoe and relays this information to the i-Table’s operating software so that once each round is complete, all wagers are resolved accurately.

A single-deck blackjack game, Roll Your Own Blackjack features a three-card bonus bet that pays odds when players receive a Flush or higher. Players receive three cards to make two blackjack hands: the best two cards are used to form their starting hand and the third card will be used for their second hand.

New Table Master platform features. A five-station electronic table game, Shuffle Master’s Table Master platform will feature several new platform enhancements including new video dealers, progressive jackpots, a blackjack tournament mode and an enticing new odds bet for blackjack. Once each player receives his first two cards and the dealer’s up card is revealed, each player is offered true odds based on the likelihood that their final blackjack hand will beat the dealer’s final blackjack hand, and have the opportunity to match their original wager to take odds and receive an additional payout.

"This year’s Global Gaming Expo will be a significant event for Shuffle Master because we will introduce the industry to the i-Table, a cutting-edge table game platform that we are confident will have a significant impact on the gaming industry," stated Mark L. Yoseloff, Ph.D., Chairman and CEO.

"As operators continually look for ways to maximize the profitability of their table games, innovative products that can reduce operating expenses, increase table productivity and offer players additional wagering options are becoming more and more important. With its rich selection of table game content, its numerous productivity enhancing features and its wealth of vital table game data, the i-Table will provide operators with an unprecedented way to offer popular games like blackjack and baccarat to their players, and we anticipate that the product will be welcomed by the show’s attendees."

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