International edition
July 27, 2021

Next week, in Las Vegas

IGT's multi-layer display technology takes center stage at G2E

(US).- IGT announced that its exclusive REELdepth Multi-Layer Display technology will take Center Stage at the Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas, November 18-20. IGT’;s Winners Choice Multi-Game slots with MLD are available on IGT’;s AVP machines and ready for purchase today.


nly from IGT, the patented MLD technology with IGT’s "Reel Flex" feature allows the player to view and play dozens of their favorite games by switching from a 3-reel to 4-reel to 5-reel to video reel to poker within seconds - all on the same AVP machine. A player can also switch to and from a non-progressive feature to a progressive feature by just choosing another game on the same AVP machine.

"Players no longer have to search the casino floor for their favorite game. The virtual slot reels in REELdepth games emulate the look, sound and feel of the older IGT ’legacy’ mechanical reel counterparts, so players immediately feel comfortable playing them," said Ryan Griffin, Product Manager for IGT’s Standard games.

"MLD technology with REELdepth allows the casino operator to change games without having to convert to expensive and time-consuming reel shelves, physical reel strips, button panels, inserts, pay table glass, and game software," added Griffin. "The new technology also eliminates the need for in-machine third-party progressive meters and progressive controllers, since it has the capability to display up to three digital meters in the top box. Unlike any of IGT’s competitors, IGT’s MLD technology allows players to toggle from game-to-game offering different math models - all on the same AVP machine. Now operators can build a Multi-Game of their choice, ranging from volatile to sustaining time-on-device experiences.

"The possibilities of MLD REELdepth on our AVP machines, with Multi-Game capability, are endless. Our huge library of game choices gives operators flexibility that no one else can offer," he added. "And players love the true 3-D game play of REELdepth. Players can change from spinning-reel to video games right at their seats."

"The overall performance of the REELdepth units initially installed has exceeded all of our expectations," said Robert Allen, Corporate VP of Slot Operations for Grand Casinos. "It presents to the player what is arguably the best slot game experience to date. REELdepth embodies much of what is best about IGT - forward-looking technology and engineering, design and application of game content with artistic flair, and the full gamut of great slot games."

REELdepth on Winner’s Choice Multi-Game slots is offered on IGT’s new G MLD and S MLD machine models, using MLD technology. All games in the REELdepth line are ready for server-based gaming today, but operators do not need a server-based system to run the games or the unique 3-D technology.

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