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June 22, 2021

The goal is to have more hands of poker being dealt per hour

PokerTek expands its operations into Hungary casinos

(Hungary).- PokerTek has announced that it is expanding its operations into Hungary, with seven PokerPro tables installed at the Monte Carlo Budapest casino. The company is one of the leaders in electronic poker software and the move into Hungary solidifies its worldwide presence.


everal casinos in the United States began using the PokerPro software. Donald Trump has installed the tables in his Atlantic City casino. They even have their own room in that casino. "PokerTek has been making advancements that other companies have not been able to match in terms of quality. Their PokerPro software is among the best on the market and should raise this company to the top of their industry," said Theo Falstin, a casino executive in the United States.

The idea behind PokerPro is to have more hands of poker being dealt per hour. The system has automated dealers, so live dealers are not necessary. Players sit around a big screen where community cards are displayed, and they can make their moves on a screen that is directly in front of them.

Casinos around the world have started to use PokerPro because of its cost cutting ability coupled with an increase in their productivity. They get both in the innovation, something that live dealers could not provide.

“PokerPro has been a wonderful offering for us,” said Daniel Lindsay, General Manager Sales & Marketing for Aristocrat Technologies Europe. “This year alone we have installed tables in Hungary, Bulgaria, Spain and several other countries throughout Europe.”

Aristocrat’s European Manager for Multi-Station Gaming, Tim Klok added: “PokerPro’s prolific appeal is proving irresistible amongst Hungarian players, just like others elsewhere around Europe. We are confident that more and more venues across the continent will follow the Monte Carlo Poker Club Budapest example to create a network of electronic poker rooms.”

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