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June 24, 2021

The 2.0 software supports and is required for the monitor kit

PokerTek releases new software upgrade for Heads-Up challenge

(US).- PokerTek announced the release of its highly-anticipated 2.0 software upgrade for Heads-Up Challenge. The latest Heads-Up Challenge additions include variable chip stack starting amounts in 10, 20, and 40 thousand increments and a 10,000 chip add-on feature.


nce players reach a certain level in the match, the add-on feature allows them to continue play by adding more chips for an operator-configured price. The initial price per play is also configurable based on the chip stack level selected by the players.

To create more visibility in a crowded establishment, PokerTek’s monitor kit, which includes signage, a customized stand, all electrical connectors, and hardware, can be purchased separately. The 2.0 software supports and is required for the monitor kit. The attract mode graphics displayed on the overhead monitor are more visually appealing and draw curious players to the table.

"Operators appreciate that they can offer a variety of game play options for their customers while having the ability to reasonably configure prices," stated Len Keywood with Starburst Coin. "The players enjoy the additional features while the operators increase their revenue. It’s a classic win-win."

"Our goal is to continue enhancing our Heads-Up Challenge technology to attract more players, increase the game’s earning potential, and maintain an edge over our competition," commented PokerTek President James Crawford. "Our 2.0 software gives operators more tools to increase the cashbox and allows players more flexibility to choose a Texas Hold’em tournament format that fits them best."

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