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June 22, 2021

Granted during Vicente Fox government

Mexican representatives to revise the 763 casino licenses

(Mexico).- With the formal installation of the Subcommission of Games and Draws, the coordinator of this legislative instance, Armando García Méndez (Alternativa), anticipated that representatives will work in the revision of 763 casino licenses granted by the Mexican Department of the Interior during the government of Vicente Fox.


n an interview, at the conclusion of the Subcommittee of Games and Draws, which was comprised by 14 representatives of the different parties, García Méndez assured that “763 licenses were granted, but we don't know if they were legal or illegal, although we have to revise if they comply with the ruling that the Department of the Interior issued during the administration of Vicente Fox Quesada”.

He informed that, this week, the subcommission will start having meetings with Officers from the Government secretary as well as the Health and Economy Secretary, and specialists of the matter, so they can bring all the information they have with regards to games and draws, in order to design a new legislation.

He said that he does not discard a meeting with the former Government secretary and current PAN senator, Santiago Creel Miranda, because he must be interested on the matter, so we will “invite him, and he will decide if he wants to come or not”.

The representative affirmed that the games and draws activities are already installed in society, so they have to be regulated, because “it may become a social problem, as gambling problems, so it is cleared that some things will be permitted and others forbidden, such as slots in stores, because they may create an addiction in children and youngsters”.

Besides, the member of such subcommission, Carlos Feltón González (PAN), said that no more licenses should be granted to gambling and drawing centres in the country, as long as the current Law of Games and Draws is revised.

Representative Gilberto Ojeda Camacho (PRI), also member of the Subcommission of Games and Draws, indicated that the Federal Law of Games and Draws, issued in 1947, needs to be modernized to be consistent to the national reality.

The SUbcommission of Games and Draws is comprised by 14 representatives: Armando García Méndez (Alternativa) coordinator of the subcommission, Francisco Dávila García (PAN), Francisco Javier Gudiño Ortiz (PAN), Martha Angélica Romo Jiménez (PAN), Carlos Eduardo Prieto González (PAN), Sara Shej Guzmán (PAN) and Diana Rebeca Díaz Olivares (PAN).

Other members are: Yolanda Rodríguez Ramírez (PRI), Gilberto Ojeda Camacho (PRI), María Soledad López Torres (PRD), Octavio Martínez Vargas (PRD), Rosa Elva Soriano Sánchez (PRD), Juan Adolfo Orcí Martínez (PRD), José Luis Varela Lagunas (Conv).

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