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September 25, 2021

According to a report of the Spanish Department of the Interior

Each Spaniard spends 416 euros a year in bingos, casinos and slots

(Spain).- Each Spaniard leaves an average of 416 euros a year in bingos, casinos and slots, according to a report from the Ministry of the Interior, that affirms that there was a 9 % increment in the expenditure per habitant in the latest financial exercise analyzed in 2007.


his average was exceeded in some autonomous communities such as in Baleares, where each person spent 541 euros in these games of chance, Madrid (534 euros), Aragón (524 euros) or Canarias (513 euros).

On the contrary, less than half than these communities was spent in Galicia (207 euros), Castilla-La Mancha (276 euros) and Navarra (304 euros).

However, the communities in which it was increased the quantity bet per person with regards to 2006 were Galicia and Navarra, both a 17 per cent, and in Extremadura, a 14 per cent, followed by Madrid, with a 13 per cent. On the contrary, the average expense decreased in Cantabria, an 8 per cent, and in Asturias, a 4 per cent.

Spaniards spent 279 euros in slots, a much bigger number than in bingos (81 euros) and casinos (56 euros). People from Baleares bet more in slots: 361 euros, seven times more than in Murcia and twelve more than in Aragon. People from Madrid, Galicia and Navarra increased their expenditure a 26 per cent and just people from Asturias spent a 6 per cent less.

With regards to casinos, people from the islands spent more than people from the peninsula (108 euros in Baleares and 93 in Canarias), but in Melilla and Ceuta, with 107 and 104 euros, respectively, they also doubled the nacional average, which does not consider data from Navarra or Castilla-La Mancha, because they do not have casinos.

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