International edition
June 22, 2021

A trial was performed in Casino Barcelona, the flagship property of the group

Grupo Peralada specifies MEI after successful VAT

(Spain).- With the growing interest in TITO and the positive feedback of MEI VAT's (value-added trials), Casino Barcelona, one of the largest casinos in Spain with 150 slots and various live table games to offer, gladly accepted the invitation by MEI to trial the Cashflow SC83.


asino Barcelona is the flagship property in the Grupo Peralda casino group that totals almost 400 slots. The casinos of the Grupo Peralda are set in excellent locations. Casino Barcelona can be found at the Olympic Port in Barcelona.

Within a short space of time, Barcelona managers could see the benefits of MEI Cashflow over the banknote readers currently used on the casino floor. Excellent acceptance rates with zero maintenance were not the only factors to convince the casino they had made the right choice. The patented and proven MEI technology allows for the complete note set to be accepted, in varying conditions.

Since the casino can't control the note population which enters the casino, it must be prepared to accurately accept as many notes as possible. Thus, the casino makes more money by accepting all of the good notes, regardless of condition, meaning that more notes are flowing into the cashbox, so making more money for the casino.

Eduardo Cuenca, Casino Barcelona's Slots Manager explained, “From being introduced to a completely new product at the beginning of the year, my team quickly became acquainted with the MEI Cashflow SC83. This is a very user-friendly product which clearly has a lower cost of ownership. We used to worry about bill validator performance on the floor. Now, it looks like we can focus on other parts of the floor as these products do as we expect; they perform.”

Cuenca then went on to explain that the casino management has placed their trust in the MEI Cashflow SC83. “At this moment in time we see distinct advantages of having MEI on our casino floor and so are now specifying MEI for future slots purchases. Our OEM suppliers have been informed”.

Mark Greenawalt, MEI's Gaming Director stated, “We thank the management team at Casino Barcelona for performing the VAT. The positive feedback from our VAT's continues and we are particularly pleased that such an important casino group in Spain is now specifying our banknote reader”. Greenawalt went to say: “This trial is another fantastic result for MEI. Although we expect this type of performance on any slot floor around the world, this one is special because it was our 40th VAT to be started in Europe.” “It was also the shortest in duration as Cuenca and his team saw an immediate positive impact, soon after it started.”

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