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August 03, 2021

The firm accepted the invitation to trial the Cashflow CF9500

Synot specifies MEI coin validator after extensive VAT trial

(US).- From the SC bill validator to the 9500 coin validator, MEI's European business continues to grow. MEI management has seen the positive feedback from end users who have participated in the value-added trials (VAT's).


hus, it has been a natural progression to offer VAT's to end users in different markets and with alternative MEI products. The MEI coin validator Cashflow CF9500 series has been chosen coin validator often for challenging applications, for example in Norway and Latvia.

Back in 2005 operators in both countries were experiencing problems with frauds.

The superior technology of the CF9500 solved the problem whilst maintaining very high true coin accepts rates. Over 8,000 coin validators were replaced with the MEI CF9500 at that time.

The combination of product excellence and strong service therefore continues to introduce new opportunities. One further example is in the Czech Republic.

Synot runs over fifty separate companies. These companies range from real estate to representing BMW in Czech. It manufactures its own range of AWP's. Furthermore, Synot has built up a very strong relationship with British AWP manufacturer JPM International, which it represents in Czech, Slovakia and Poland.

The firm not only offers winning games together with the design and development from JPM as a market leader of reel based games, but also ensures that the components inside these gaming machines are industry winners as well. This is essential for a company that operates 10,000 AWP's in several countries, including its operating arm Royal in Ukraine and Joker in Latvia. The money handling components within the AWP's are key to their successful operation.

Synot appreciates the value that such products bring and thus continually strive to have the best components the industry can offer. Synot knew about the possibility to do a VAT with MEI on the coin validator side and accepted MEI's invitation to trial the Cashflow CF9500 on a number of AWP's over several months.

David Mixa, Synot's International Sales Manger explained, “We have high expectations for our machine components. We have to deal with several different countries. Not all coins are made to the standards they should be which leaves room for frauds to enter the market. We were looking for a coin validator with excellent first-time acceptance of true coins that nevertheless offers protection against manipulation. After trialling MEI for three months, we drew the conclusion that this is the product that meets our needs and expectations. The service tools that MEI offer combined with its strong field presence team gave us the confidence we needed to secure our long-term business”.

Having seen the benefits that MEI can offer on the coin validation side, Synot chose to specify MEI for all its applications. This includes the AWP's it distributes. Synot asked for MEI's support to ensure that JPM were capable to fit the MEI Cashflow CF9500 as soon as possible. Contacts were quickly established between JPM's and MEI's support teams to ensure its successful integration.

Simon McCarthy, JPM's Sales and Marketing Director, explains, “Synot is a key partner for us and we have been working successfully together for many years now. We acknowledge that Synot evaluates peripheral products and we trust that their requirements are the best fit for our markets. Thus, when Synot informed us that the MEI coin validator best fits their needs, we quickly ensured that all our future AWP deliveries to them will have the MEI 9500 coin validator fitted. One key reason for our success is that we take our customers requests seriously and always strive to implement them whenever feasible. That is why we now fit the MEI coin validator for Synot”.

Lost revenue via frauds has been cancelled out thanks to MEI. Similarly, greater up time means the machines can make more money. Therefore, by fitting the MEI 9500 coin validator Synot and their customers can make more money than has been in the case in the past.

Mark Greenawalt, MEI's Director for Europe and Africa commented, “We are delighted that we have been able to transfer our success on value-added trials to the coin validation applications. We would like to thank Synot for trialling and implementing our product. Furthermore, we applaud JPM for its speedy implementation of our products upon Synot's request”.

MEI supplied resources from the UK, Germany, and Austria to support both JPM and Synot in this endeavour. “The strong presence of the MEI team made the integration and final decision an easier one for both Synot and JPM." concluded David Mixa.

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