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June 25, 2021

For three years

Refurbishments and openings of new bingo halls and casinos banned in Venezuela

(Venezuela).- The Ministry of Popular Power for Tourism published a resolution in which it tells to the National Commission of Casinos, Bingo Halls and Slots to abstain from the issuance or renewal of licenses for the installation and operation of such gambling venues for three years.


hey also banned the installation and operation of casinos, bingo halls and slot machines in commercial centres and security places, on top of national parks, natural monuments and places officially protected, set in the law that rules the matter.

The rule, published in the Official Gazette 38,892, on March 17th, ratifies the legal regulation according to which casinos and bingo halls must be located far away from educational centres, temples, health centres and hospitals. The restriction adds residential zones and sporting facilities. “The distance between them will be no less than 200 metres”.

Besides, the norm bans the authorization of devolution and taxation of the shares of commercial societies than own licenses and permits.

Originally, the Law for the Control of Casinos, Bingo Halls and Slots established that the operating licenses would last ten years, and could be renewed by an equal period.

According to the current norm, the processing or renewal of operating licenses demands that the interested people presents at least eight requirements, among them, a sworn statement of the property of the shareholders and general balance, properly audited.

According to the government measure, a representative of the sector said he was surprised. He assured that, affecting the operation of bingos and casinos, there's a negative impact in the tourist activity, in states such as Anzoátegui.

He commented that, in the East, several casinos and bingo halls could be affected by the ending of their operating licenses. “How is it possible that they deny the authorization to those who have complied with all the requirements of the law, and also generate so many employments?”.

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