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July 27, 2021

The city will be able to house casinos of 80 gaming machines

UK: Options open for gambling license award in Swansea Council

(UK).- Swansea has been chosen as one of 16 places to get a license for a new small casino. Anyone’;s bet will win the new casino license in Swansea, according to the city council’;s leader.


spers Casino boss Damian Aspinall, who has the casino in Salubrious Place, put pressure on Swansea Council by claiming it was essential the council supported the company, but council leader Chris Holley insisted any company could be a winner in the race for a new license.

He said: "Aspinall knows as well as I know that it’s going to be a competition between whichever companies come along. They have an advantage of having a fantastic facility in the city already, but everyone is welcome to come forward and will be treated fairly."

Swansea Council will decide who the license is awarded to. It will mean that the city will be able to house casinos of 80 gaming machines with jackpots of up to us$ 8,057.

Aspers, which opened a us$ 26.1 million complex at Salubrious Place in Wind Street six months ago, said it would be bidding for the new license to develop its current business. But it warned if a new operator opened in Swansea it could drain the life out of the city centre.

Aspinall said: "We believe it is essential that Swansea uses the new license to support the continuing growth of Aspers. The city needs to build on the success of the existing central entertainment area which has critical mass, and which benefits from the diverse customer base brought by Aspers.

"Swansea must avoid any temptation to drain life from the city centre by allowing another facility to be created which would compete on an unequal basis with our popular and growing business." But Holley refused to be pressurised.

He said the authority would invite applications from all quarters and deal with them fairly when the time comes and added: "The UK government has told us there’s a process to be followed and we’ve got to be completely fair and honest with everyone and treat everyone the same."

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