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September 20, 2021

John Fenna, Clarion Gaming's Head of Marketing

"London offer is much stronger than any other exhibition in the gambling industry"

(UK, Exclusive, During the final day of the recently ended ICE 2008, Clarion Gaming's Head of Marketing John Fenna talked with about the first impression of the organizers of the 2008 edition of the show. Satisfied with the results, he defined the whole London event as the “biggest mixed gaming show in the world”.


hat was the show like for you? Was it in line with your expectations?

I think the exhibition this year faced a lot of big challenges and full changes. Changes in figuration on how people enter, and also more global changes on gambling model, for example in US, an industry rise in UK and also the online gambling issue. But I think this show is much more relaxed compared to the one last year, people can walk easily around the show.

Which was the feedback you received from visitors and exhibitors?

We made a kind of survey during the show, a research all round the exhibition so people in the industry can tell us how the show impressed to others, as well as how happy they are with the show. We did it before the exhibition and we will do it after the exhibition, so it's a very detailed piece of market research. But to be honest, most exhibitors were more relaxed this year.

ICE is known as a very international show with people from all Europe, America, Asia. Do you confirm ICE is “the” international show of the market?

We can consider all Clarion Gaming shows together, because these shows are unique; it's the biggest mixed gaming show in the world. I don't see any other competitors. If we talk about ICE specifically, I think it is the premier European show, of course. And overall, the London offer is much stronger than any other exhibition in the gambling industry.

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