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August 02, 2021

Due to the approval of a Law to Boost Information Society

Spanish government to regulate online betting

(Spain).- The Law to Boost Information Society (LISI) was recently passed by the Congress. Its aim is to encourage Internet and guarantee the rights of the citizens in the digital society. It also introduces a novelty: the government has one-year deadline to elaborate a law that regulates Internet gambling.


ig bets have not been modified: Broadband Internet access (ADSL o cable) before the ending of 2008. To guarantee that only a judge may close a Web in those cases in which freedom of expression is affected, although he admits that the "competent authority" may do it in other cases. Associations of net users see the danger of censorship in which an administration may block web contents, while socialist representative Lourdes Muñoz comments that the law will just transfer to the virtual world the same things that happen in the physical world.

Other news have to do with the free use of information generated by the state, so this data may be copied and used for free by citizens. It means that it boosts the “copyleft philosophy”.

Besides, LISI obliges users of public services to facilitate the connection, disconnection or claims by Internet. The companies will have to comply with the web access to their sites, as well as those entities which are funded, as well as administrations, in order to assure that everyone, including the disabled, obtain benefits from the digital society.

Changes rejected by socialists in the Senate were also rejected in the Congress: the proposal to abolish the digital fee and the domain .ct for Catalonia, which should have supposed the Catalonian independence in Internet.

It also rejected the amendment which authorized a Non-Governmental Organization to set a public wireless network. Besides, local TV stations which are not lucrative and have cultural, educational or social contents will not have to close on January 1st.

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