International edition
June 21, 2021

The ECS system was presented for the first time at the event

Gaming Partners showed its RFID chips and operational applications at G2E

(US).- Leading manufacturer and supplier of casino currency and other table game supplies, Gaming Partners International Corporation, reviewed its participation to the G2E Gaming Show held in Las Vegas last November 13-15.


he main emphasis of the world's leading gaming chips manufacturer at G2E was again clearly on RFID, with live presentations of RFID readers and front end/back end operational applications, with a new range of operating software (or CIDs) and new applications such as the RFID Poker Table and the ECS system.

From cashier's desk to chip bank, table and blackjack tray readers, a wide range of operating RFID solutions were on display on GPI booth, manned by the two sales teams of GPI USA and GPI SAS. Also displayed was a PGIC-IGT Table ID with a RFID chip tray and GPI gaming chips powered by Magellan microchips.

Customers from the US but also from abroad showed a great interest in the live demonstrations held every hour. “We have had customers telling us that they were extremely impressed by the progress made by our technology over the last 12 months, particularly on the reading speed and the operating software now available” declared Christophe Leparoux, GPI International Sales & Marketing Manager.

The ECS system, aimed at protecting the casino against employee theft and shown for the first time at G2E and the new RFID Poker Table particularly gathered huge interest from the crowd. With its poker pot chip reader, the design and performance of GPI RFID Poker Table make it the perfect tool for the efficient verification of the total amount of the pot value and the rake at all poker tables.

“G2E was a very successful show for us and GPI booth distinguished itself by its unmatched dedication to RFID technology with the presentation of really functioning and readily available solutions” declared Christophe Leparoux. “I think the market reckons that GPI does not deliver promises or expectations, but that our readers and applications are for real as many have already been deployed in tens of casinos worldwide”.

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