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June 24, 2021

Interview to Aquiles Mila de la Roca, Director of Sales Latin America

Money Controls officially released Ardac Elite in Las Vegas for US

(US, exclusive Within Global Gaming Expo, interviewed in exclusive Aquiles Mila de la Roca, Director of Sales Latin America of Money Controls, who talked about his experience in G2E, the position of the firm in the market and the plans for the following year. "This year we are releasing officially in US the new Ardac Elite bill acceptor", he commented. From January, it is already installed in casinos worldwide, with a magnificent result for the company up to the moment.


hat products did you decide to highlight this year in G2E, which is usually a launching platform of new technologies?

This year we are releasing officially in US the new Ardac Elite bill acceptor, which was exhibited last year but was not available in the market yet. It was officially released and from January it is already installed in casinos worldwide, and the result has been magnificent up to the moment. In fact, we are living a very positive moment because, thanks to the global success of Ardac Elite, we have managed that this product was tested as an option in its machines and we are being accepted by the customers. Everything thanks to the performance of the bill acceptor and our support strategy.

This year is to conclude and up to the moment the policy of the firm was to conquer big manufacturers… Which is the strategy for 2008, considering that you could achieve this goal and now you ar one of the strongest brands in the market?

We are still to conclude the approval with a few manufacturers. We have the majority of them, but we still have to focus in order to achieve the support of all the manufacturers. This year, Elite had an acceptance that exceeded our expectations. We duplicate the aim performed for 2007 and the approach for the following year is quite promising, in fact we expect to triple the sales we had on the current year. Basically the following year the challenge is to achieve our goal, which is quite ambitious: to be available in all the manufacturers.

Nowadays you have an important presence in Latin America and a good position in Europe, too. Which are the markets to which you expect to focus the growth?

Yes, we are very well positioned in Europe, and in Latin America we expect to position in a much stronger way, also through certain strategic alliances and through the approval of manufacturers, which is the main thing. However, our participation in the North American market is practically nonexistent and we have planned several improvements in this sense. We have achieved GLI approval in US and we will soon start the tests in casinos. We are still identifying the places, but we think it may be here in Nevada or in California. We are fully committed with the entrance to the American market. It is a quite difficult task because our competence has an extremely solid position in this market, but we think we can obtain good results with this product.

Which will be the strategy of the company for 2008 in Latin America?

Basically following the same line in which we've been to. Our product works and is the best of the market. I think the clue is to go on with this direct customer support strategy, to assure that its machines do not stop. It has to do with the quality of the product and the support, and both things finally have influence in the result, so the machine never stops.

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