International edition
September 23, 2021

To qualified government agencies worldwide

GSA provides toolkits developed by RadBlue

(US).- In order to facilitate standardized testing of the new G2S standard as implemented by all manufacturers, the Gaming Standards Association will provide toolkits developed by Radical Blue Gaming (RadBlue), free of charge to qualified government agencies worldwide.


n March 2006, RadBlue became the first independent developer of toolkits for GSA protocols, and their toolkits are now widely used by EGM and System development teams around the world.

GSA Technical Director Marc McDermott said, "Regulators are certainly not obliged to use this toolkit; however, we wanted to provide them with easy access to the toolkit that is most commonly used by developers. It will benefit regulators to have a common testing tool they can use for testing products from multiple manufacturers. It is in the industry’s interest to validate a standard’s implementation using a common toolkit. This will significantly contribute to consistent implementation and ensures interoperability."

Russ Ristine, VP of Radical Blue Gaming, said, "As independent technology providers to the gaming industry, our goal is to ensure that the amazing new protocols developed by GSA are implemented correctly. This most generous effort by GSA helps to ensure that all games and systems are speaking a common language, thereby moving the gaming world one step closer to achieving plug and play using the G2S standard."

GSA will be supplying RadBlue’s G2S Scope (RGS) and the Scriptable Tester (RST) tools to government agencies that have a staff capable of testing communication protocols and are currently engaged in testing. In order to qualify for this program, testing agencies must be the final approval authority and must have an immediate need for G2S protocol testing.

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