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September 24, 2021

Exhibiting its brand "Octavia Independent"

Evona Electronic to present its product portfolio at G2E Las Vegas

(US).- Evona Electronic, a Slovak manufacturer of electronic casino equipment, will be presenting the latest increment to its existing product portfolio, which is aimed to attract wider range of customers at G2E Las Vegas in USA.


t the same time, the company will showcase its full range of traditional and successful multiplayer roulettes in which the firm specializes on since 1993.

“Octavia Independent” is a brand new line of standalone play stations connected to an independent roulette wheel. The central wheel itself is displayed on an external plasma TV through the built in camera system, which can be well observed from the play station positions spread conveniently around the gaming hall.

The number of the independent playstations is variable up to each operator preferences and the floor space capacity. Additional small monitor on each station helps the player to have all the necessary information close by reffering to each round results, previous bet, etc. The station offers full comfort and privacy of an electronic roulette for the players, it is equipped with a wide range of note acceptors, touchscreen, ashtrays, leather coverage.

The operator, on the other hand, has the flexibility to locate the stations to cater his space requirements and boost the roulette playing capacity instead of having purchased 2 - 3 pieces of a classic roulette, which makes in the end a comparative price advantage. All the roulettes could be seen at booth number 3115 at G2E in Las Vegas, USA.

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