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August 03, 2021

A new gambling holding created

Spain: Cirsa enters Nortia Corporation

(Spain).- The new corporation Nortia comprises Cirsa and Nortia Services, on top of MLH Foundation and Universitat Corporativa Cirsa. The group, headed since 1978 by Manuel Lao Hernández, will obtain in the current Ebida exercise of more than 250 million euros.


he Spanish leader in the leisure and gaming sector, Cirsa, whose founder and owner, Manuel Lao Hernández, has transformed its shares structure with the aim to assure the future of the holding and its control in order to be more efficient.

Nortia Corporation is the new corporation which comprises all the business interest in all the sectors of the family Lao Gorina. According to founder and president of the corporation, Manuel Lao, "Nortia was created after the long way we have experimented with Cirsa, because nowadays all our group is in a new dimension. We have grown in a spectacular way and the new challenges, included technology and globalization, oblige us to redefine ourselves. That's why Nortia was created".

Lao Hernández adds that Nortia is a big business corporation that comprises Cirsa group, leader in the gambling sector, as well as Nortia Services, a group of companies that offer services. The president-founder of this holding of more than 374 companies,

Thinks that nowadays it is crucial to apply top technology and innovaron as well as a global vision of all those multiple business of the corporation, which historically have been the base of the fase and strong success of its business projects.

Nortia Corporation incluyes MLH Foundation and Universitat Corporativa Cirsa, together with the two sectors that comprise their business. On one hand, Cirsa ("Bussiness to Bussiness"), which also incluyes gambling activities like slots, bingos, casinos; on the other hand, Nortia Services, which operates hotels, corporative aviation, support services, real estate and agriculture.

The main importance of Nortia Corporation are operating incomes for 2,200 million euros; 15.000 employees; presence in 75 countries; 374 companies in the five continents and 3 I+D+i centers, in which 18 million euros were invested, during that period of time, with the payment of 540 million euros.

Markets received positively the new structure of the group of companies of Manuel Lao, who rejects the quote of the company in the stock Exchange, an option that, however, is possible.

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