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September 24, 2021

Tables currently in use can be programmed with a software update

New software gives PokerPro Omaha options

(UK).- Aristocrat Technologies Europe has announced a series of groundbreaking developments to the PokerPro electronic table for which it holds exclusive European distribution rights.


s from today, operators will now be able to provide the game Omaha Poker, organise Multi Table Tournaments, display Showdown Odds, offer Quick Accounts, Kill Pots and Stored Value Cards, as well as multiple languages and currencies. PokerPro tables currently being operated can be programmed with a simple software update, with the software provided as standard to new 10-player tables.

Tim Klok, European Manager - Multi Table Gaming for Aristocrat Technologies, explained: “PokerPro set the standard by which everyone followed when it first hit the market in 2005. The new software is a major enhancement which clearly differentiates us from our competitors.”

He added: “Whilst the main focus will be on the introduction of Omaha Poker and the ability to deal a notoriously difficult game more than 100 per cent faster, the software also provides a full range of enhanced player features and operating benefits.”

Summarising the features and benefits, Tim Klok continued:“PokerPro now has the capability to spread games with Kill Pots for both Texas Hold'em and Omaha. The “Kill Button” is awarded to a player when they win two consecutive hands and is not relinquished until that player loses. Blind levels and betting limits are automatically increased when there is an active kill on the table, which helps to drive betting and increase action during cash games.”

He added that Multi Table Tournaments are a large ordeal for poker room operators and require foresight and organisation to run efficiently, so PokerPro has the capability to plan, organize and operate MTT automatically. “This new development eliminates much of the manual operation involved in tournaments and allows operators to focus more on their player's, rather than the nuts and bolts of tournament operation.”

When talking about Showdown Odds, he said that: “Showdown odds increase the drama of the most exciting move in poker and allow players to evaluate where they stand before the river determines their fate.”

Besides, he said that PokerPro offers a software in multiple languages and currency and that it has increased efficiency by adding stored value cards, which allow players to receive an account card with a stored value the second they see the poker host.

“Another appealing feature PokerPro offers is the ability for all players to see the nicknames of the others seated at their table. This feature makes it easier to communicate with the players seated at the table,” he said. “Quick Accounts are a fast way to create a PokerPro account and only require choosing a nickname and depositing money. Quick Accounts now allow players to walk into a room, pick a nickname, make a deposit, and start playing in a faster, friendlier, and more exciting atmosphere,” he concluded.

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