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June 23, 2021

Bodog is to confront 1st Technologies

Gaming group to appeal patent rulings in two American court cases

(US).- Online casino, sportsbook and poker room has announced that it is to challenge rulings made against it in two American court cases last month that forced it to change its domain name to


odog is to confront 1st Technologies next month arguing the validity of a default judgment handed down to the gaming company by a Nevada judiciary and a judge in the Superior Court of King’s County in Seattle, Washington.

1st Technology claimed a us$ 48 million uncontested judgment after it claimed that Bodog infringed its American patent entitled, “Method and System for Interactively Transmitting Multimedia Information over a Network Which Requires a Reduced Bandwidth while operating in the US”.

Bodog's Canadian founder Calvin Ayre said that, as a Costa Rican company, his company, Bodog Entertainment SA, is an international entity that has neither a presence nor assets in the United States. He added that domains are not assets and that the domains his company held were on behalf of other unspecified companies.

Domain names are a part of the world community based on the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers' (ICANN) charter and mission statement, which brings into question whether or not they could or should be seized.

However, Bodog’s main defence will rest on the contention that it was not properly served on the Nevada patent action thereby destroying the allegation that it was in default at the hearing.

“Nobody involved with the company that was sued or anyone with BodogLife has any knowledge of anyone getting served and this is the basis of the appeal of the judgment,” said Ayre. “You cannot have a valid default judgment without having valid service as far as we know.”

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