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September 26, 2021

A 11% increase in daily average player numbers across the board

UK online bingo market still strong

(UK).- Leading online bingo community website, BingoPort, released figures revealing that the UK online bingo market is in an extremely healthy position, showing strong growth over the past three months despite what was anticipated to be the usual “summer slow down”.


n analysis of the last three months of activity at the major UK online bingo brands shows a 11% increase in daily average player numbers across the board. This increase has come despite summer’s late arrival in the United Kingdom.

"This is a significant increase," said co-founder and Managing Director, Scott Logan. "We’re seeing the big bingo brands start to branch out into mainstream media when it comes to acquiring new players. We believe this to be the major catalyst, bringing online bingo into the homes of people who wouldn’t have considered logging on to play six months ago."

Another factor instrumental in the rise, according to Logan, has been the increased exposure of the general public to the online bingo phenomenon thanks to media coverage of the UK smoking ban on July 1 and the introduction of formal UK online gaming laws on September 1.

"The buzz around online gaming in this country over the past few months has been incredible," said Logan. "This began with the smoking ban which was predicted to drive bingo players out of the halls and onto their computers in record numbers. While that didn’t exactly happen, the online bingo operators have benefited through increased media coverage of the industry. The same can be said of the UK Government’s introduction of laws to make online gaming a safer bet for the individual." has become an integral part in making UK online bingo a safe bet for bingo players with bingo site reviews and a highly active player community. It is the first and only website to monitor and rank UK online bingo sites like never before, providing a unique snapshot at any given time of day of how many players are currently playing at bingo sites and bingo rooms, size of pots and size of jackpots.

While the influx of players to the bingo sites is being seen as a very good sign of the health of the industry, some individual operators are struggling to keep up with player demand - with hundreds of players being crammed into a single bingo room, causing widespread dissatisfaction amongst the bingo faithful.

"There is no doubt that the overwhelming response from our community of online bingo players has been that they would rather play in a bingo room containing between 20 and 40 players than compete with hundreds of players for a single bingo pot," said Logan. "Our unique snapshot of UK online bingo operators gives our users information they need so they can instantly make a decision on where the best place to play is for them."

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