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October 20, 2021

It alarms the player on future gaming problems

Svenska Spel introduces Playscan

(Sweden).- More than a year ago, Svenska Spel conducted a project aiming at finding a tool that prevents problem gaming in an active way. The final result is called Playscan, a device that actively helps players avoid developing problems with their gaming habits at an early stage.


o detect players in the risk zone of developing gaming problems and to offer them tools to change their behaviour in good time, gaming problems may be prevented in a way that has never ever been done before.

Playscan can not only decide if a player has a gaming problem, but it can also decide whether the player is running the risk of developing gaming problems within the next three months with more than 90 percent precision, says Jesper Kärrbrink, CEO Svenska Spel.

Mark Griffiths, Chartered Psychologist and Professor of Gambling Studies at Nottingham Trent University: “Svenska Spel's work with Playscan is an excellent example of prominent gaming responsibility and the most outstanding innovative single project in the area of responsible gaming I have seen worldwide. It is most exciting to follow the development of Playscan and I sincerely hope that Svenska Spel's example will inspire many others.”

Therefore Playscan is voluntary - the customer makes an active choice with no constraint, says Kärrbrink.

Playscan is built on information in Svenska Spel's customer database. But unlike the conventional purpose of customer data bases - to promote sales - the objective of Playscan has been the opposite. It identifies and helps those players who would benefit from playing less.

Playscan is like a safety belt against problem gaming - something you use without the intention of actually making use of it. But if the accident still happens, well, you have a fair chance of coping with it, says Jesper Kärrbrink.

Provided with the data in the Svenska Spel customer database the Swedish Gaming Institute and the data-mining company ICU Intelligence have been engaged to find a tool that actively helps the player. Not such an easy task, as the solution integrates wide-spread areas as behavioural science, psychology, mathematics, artificial intelligence and technique.

Playscan is a unique device that can be reached by almost all players. The tool is produced based on all available research in this area and is built on the player's real gaming behaviour, no presumptions and suppositions. “I am certain that this is the right path to follow in order to decrease the risks for more gaming problems and full of expectation before the future effects of Playscan”, says Thomas Nilsson, Psychologist and CEO of the Swedish Gaming Institute.

Since the end of June, Playscan has been available on for players to report themselves as users. The only condition is that the player has Svenska Spel's customer loyalty card, Spelkortet. It is based on gaming registered with Spelkortet at Svenska Spel's retailers and

“But our ambition is to implement Playscan in all our distribution channels in order to provide for our customers even better possibilities to stay in control of their own gaming”, says Jesper Kärrbrink.

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