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September 25, 2021

Interview to Mauricio Wagner, head of Technical Support & Marketing Latin America

Digideal presented its new incorporation to IGT Group in Peru

(Peru, exclusive Mauricio Wagner, in charge of the Technical Support & Marketing Latin America of Digideal, talked to about the firm's exhibition of products at the Peru Gaming Show and the incorporation of IGT as majority shareholder with the 51% of the shares.


hat products did Digideal present on the current edition of Peru Gaming Show?

Our speciality are digital table games and we are presenting a new, totally virtual model: both cards and chips are virtual. We are presenting a Black Jack table game as well as a Texas Hold'em one. Both are the latest in tecnology and are officially

authorized as slots.

Which are Digideal novelties?

The most remarkable novelty this year is that now we have a majority shareholder, which is IGT. A month ago, IGT has bought the 51% of Digideal shares, which will allow us to make progress in new products. Since January 2008, IGT is in charge of the production and Digideal is fully dedicated to the development of new products. The aim is to release two games per month. An important group of engineers in software development has been hired and, at the moment, we have seven or eight new games that are about to be released. Besides, we are entering in the Mexican market, where you cannot play BlackJack but you can play dice, so we are releasing digital tables that play black jack with dice.

So the agreement is totally positive, Isn't it?

Yes, completely, because it opens new commercialization channels of IGT as well as to reach more countries. Our strenght was always the design and product innovation; however, in the commercial part, the fact of being international is a difficult task for us.

Digideal is a company with nine years of experience, and we were just 12 people not long ago. This year we are 30, with the incorporation of many software engineers.

Do you consider important that IGT had chosen you?

We consider that, in spite of the fact that we are a small company, we were the leaders in digital tables worldwide, and the aim was to be associated to a leader in the slots sector. So, to be able to complete the vision of electronic casino. Our market was to offer slots the opportunity to transform in a casino with our tables. Well, with this, we close the package. Besides, IGT has bought a Novomatic license in roulettes, and now has a multi-player roulette with positions. The idea is to cover all the spectrum.

What balance can you make of the Peruvian Gaming Show?

The event itself was slack. For us, it is important because Latin America is the strongest market in which we have entered, we have several customers and we wanted to be present because of them. We think we are closing two business: one in Colombia and the other in Santo Domingo. From that point of view, it is positive, but the event was poor. We will be present in October in Buenos Aires.

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