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October 20, 2021

Erik Wijma is welcoming a new team of people

Suzo International forms new European casino group

(Holland).- Suzo International has formed a new casino group to cater for the particular needs of the casino business. Multi-lingual Erik Wijma is heading up this new casino group with a team of dedicated specialists.


ver the years Suzo has grown to be a truly international company and together with Happ, the Suzo-Happ Group is the largest components and spare parts specialist in the gaming and amusement market. Traditional links have always been with the OEM's (the manufacturers of gaming / amusement machines) and Suzo has grown to become a household name for practically all component needs.

Indeed, Suzo offers over 30,000 separate items to ensure the diversity and professional service the industry rightly expects of Suzo International.

The focus of the firm is bringing best-in-class products to the market in a customer-focussed approach. Thus, the natural next step was to concentrate on the casino business. This led in 2006 to the introduction of a Suzo catalogue written specifically for the casino industry. One year later, Suzo now has a dedicated team to cater to the casino industry directly.

Marcel Oelen, Managing Director of Suzo International, stated, "Being a supplier of tier 1 components, there has been a need from day one to have strong relations with the OEM's. We have identified that there is a growing demand from the end users, in this case the casinos themselves, to have a direct relationship with the major component suppliers. In the past that would have meant too many companies to deal with. As we can supply the main core of components, casinos then have need to have Suzo as their contact and we can support them on almost all their component issues. That can relate to note readers, ticket printers, touch screens, hoppers, toppers, locks and a whole host of other products".

Suzo is also the European distributor for both MEI and FutureLogic. Together with Graphic Controls, the firm can offer the complete TITO solution. This trend to TITO with higher demands on note readers and ticket printers makes a direct contact with casinos very welcome.

Suzo International recognise the importance of supporting their products with the end users. Furthermore, new product introduction directly at the end customer can increase time to market. Together with an independent industry specialist, it is introducing the Cashflow SC Series note reader from MEI directly to the casinos via the so-called VAT (value added trial) process.

The casinos are invited to test the product for themselves and the excellent feedback from these trials endorses the Cashflow SC83. "Our customers are delighted with this product", stated Oelen, "so much so that it is becoming the norm for the casinos to specify Cashflow in new slot purchases after the VAT".

Erik Wijma stated, "Being on the market for over 50 years now and having grown to the largest component supplier in the world, the Suzo-Happ Group has the responsibility to offer only best-in-class. Thus, it was clear for note readers and ticket printers that MEI and FutureLogic make ideal partners. The move to TITO brings not only significant investment requirements by casinos but major new opportunities. Our experience is that casino customers are accepting TITO very quickly. With the promotional ticket option on the GEN2 from FutureLogic, casinos can benefit from new marketing channels as well".

He is welcoming a new team of people at Suzo casino group. Rene van Son has joined the group as regional manager for Southern Europe. He comes with a bachelor degree and fours years of sales experience and will be joined soon by a new colleague to manage Northern European casinos. The third new member is called Marc Mertens who will support the casinos on a technical basis.

Erik Wijma himself will continue to support casinos in his countries of sales responsibility - France, Italy and Switzerland and will receive continued support from his sales colleagues. For example, Marc Aarts will continue to be the main casino contact for Holland Casino.

The casino team will also be introducing the product range of VendingData to the European casinos. The Suzo-Happ group have secured the global distribution rights for this Las Vegas company, whose products include the PokerOne Shuffler, Deckchekcer and the Chipwasher.

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