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September 19, 2021

It will have a minimum regulation from the Department of Interior

Mexico: A new online betting system inaugurated

(Mexico).- With a marginal regulation by the Department of Interior, the first Internet betting system was inaugurated in Mexico. This is a new business source allowed by the law created during the previous government.


he Federal Law of Games and Draws (according to which 300 licenses for bingo halls have been granted) sets rules for operators; however, for this modality of online bets, just one clause and the a paragraph of another cause have been dedicated.

The law details the way in which remote sports betting centres should operate, but does not prevent from multiple possibilities and risks from web operations.

“People like playing like Las Vegas. We are considering that there is a growing interest on bets”, commented Abraham Atri Mizarahi, Director of Operations of Backgammon, a franchise of an Israeli company which is expanding worldwide.

Executives of this firm, which plans to extend its market to the rest of Latin America, assure that they count with the SG permission, within the current law; however, in recent authorizations there was no reference to the named franchise or to the beginning of Internet bets.

It just determines an overwiew of the businessmen that were granted the licenses from the previous Government Secretary, Santiago Creel: “Remote betting centers will be able to recruit Internet, phone or electronic bets. That's why, the official agent will have to establish an inner control system, such as the account number or the identity of the bettor".

The regulation and the poor SG surveillance is fallen behind the own marketing systems of the firm. For example, it offers the users security systems of data encryption to avoid credit card frauds. An advertisement of the company says that the firm is commited to transparent gaming.

The business of the company lies in commissions. For example, if they are bet in a us$ 40-line, the commission is 5,8; a matter that should also be clarified in the law, which considers the tax payment according to the total of bets registered in gambling centers.

Backgammon Masters is supported by JD Lucky Skill Ltd, with venue in Chipre. According to the Internet page, bettors may participate in modalities like poker, hyper backgammon or free roll tournaments and, in the future, blackjack; it means, it may play with users from Arabian, European and Mexican markets.

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