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October 24, 2021

WMS: Top Gun - Sensory Immersion Gaming

WMS Gaming has recently launched another industry first - the new “Sensory Immersion Gaming” platform - with the introduction of its Top Gun wide-area progressive gaming machine. This player category offers an unrivaled multi-sensory player experience never before seen on a slot floor.


mong its main features, this development includes:

- Features Bose 3Space Surround Sound and accompanying chair

- Available in 15, 20 and 25 line configurations

- Built on CPU-NXT2 technology

How to Play

Player may imagine they are sitting in the cockpit of an F-14 Fighter Jet gunning down enemy aircraft just like the pilots did in the classic movie "Top Gun". The Bose 3Space Surround Sound Gaming chair jets whiz by in true 24-bit color aided by the next generation graphics on the CPU-NXT2 platform. This way, players will experience a new form of gaming, sensory immersion gaming.

Top Gun Bonus

When three or more Top Gun Bonus Symbols land on an active payline, the Top Gun Bonus is triggered. The mission starts by taking off from an aircraft carrier and flying into the danger zone. Enemy aircraft starts approaching, and the player has to select a climb, barrel roll, hard left or hard right maneuver to evade them. The sky is filled with credit awards, and depending on how good the player flies it is determined the award each maneuver is worth. If a 2X or 3X multiplier appears, the credit awards increase in value.

Engage Enemy Feature

If one flies into the Engage Enemy Target, the credits disappear and the player goes on the attack against a squadron of enemy jets and chooses one of four buttons to fire a missile at the enemy planes. If the player successfully hits an enemy target, his pilot rank increases one level, and the player is awarded another missile shot. When he is done engaging the enemy and has completed his flight in the Top Gun Bonus, he receives additional bonus associated with the pilot ranking. If he shoots down five enemy jets he will be rewarded with extended play and the rank of "Top Gun".

Bonus Extender Feature

Flying into a Bonus Extender places one small icon on the player's control panel for bonus round use. When the end of the bonus round is signaled by the "Return to Base" message, this bonus extender is applied, the return to base request is ignored, and the mission continues.

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