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September 26, 2021

Herman Van Lishout, International Sales Manager of Gold Club

"This event is perfect for showing your products for all Asia"

( exclusive from Macau).- Herman Van Lishout, International Sales Manager of Gold Club, talked to about the products presented by the firm in G2E Asia, held in Macau last week. He spoke about the latest releases for the Asian market and also made comments about the show.


hat are you showing here in G2E Asia?

We make different roulettes and now we are showing the Omega Roulettes. It will be licensed in July, so we have to wait for the license in Macao. We need that standard 11 for Macao, so in a couple of weeks or so, it will be licensed. We did not bring to Macao all our other products because they are not licensed. It does not mean we cannot bring them to other countries around here, because we are working with Gold Club since January, but I've been in the market for more than 10 years in other markets, in other countries and with other customers.

How important is the Macau market for Gold Club?

Well, as you'll see for yourself, Singapore is important and I think it's time to bring this platform in July. I think operators themselves want something else in their casinos. In my opinion, it's important because it is a different market. Macau is still growing and you don't have machines here in Macau, so you can quickly sell a lot of machines.

What's your opinion about the show?

Asia is the most important market. For different markets you need different shows, so you have to be here. In Macau there are a few customers because there are only a few top operators. I think there are also other people around from other countries, so it's good to come here because it's perfect for showing your products for all Asia. This is an important show in the region.

Are you planning to come here for the next show?

Yes, we have already booked, because these one is the last booth available. Next year, in our 10 x 10 booth, we'll be able to show a bit more, and I think the show will be probably better in the sense that now we are divided in three levels, so there are bigger booths upstairs and downstairs and this is probably the least interesting level, so we'll all be in one level and everyone will have a better chance.

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