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September 28, 2021

Statements from Gerhard Burda, Atronic Group CEO

"Asia is the market in which we are putting our main focus at the moment"

(Exclusive from Macau).- interviewed Gerhard Burda within G2E Asia. He commented the latest products presented by the firm, made a balance of the event, and also talked about the characteristics of the Asian market as well as the strategies of the company to succeed there.


hat is Atronic showing here in G2E Asia?

Atronic is showing its internationally well known products These products have been, of course, heavily customized for the Asian markets, as you can see, I mean, all the games have been translated to Chinese and we've also created certain Chinese themes. But we use the same themes in the US, for instance, where we have a lot of Chinese players as well. The most popular products at the moment in Asia are of course the linked gaming products.

Here we have an already successful Cash Fever, we have King Kong Cash which is a product licensed from Universal, we have The Game of Life, licensed from Hasbro, and also some non-themes multi-level jackpot systems which are not depending on a specific machine: a four-level mystery which can be connected to different types of machines.

This is a very particular market because the table games are a tradition here instead of slots. Which is the strategy of Atronic to grow in this market?

If we talk about the markets, we have to differenciate between the Macau market and the rest of Asia. We see the G2E Asian show not only as a Macau show but also for the whole Asia. You are right if you say that the slots in Macau are in a very early stage, getting to a lot of very unexperienced players, so what you have to do here is to really do a good job explaining players maybe playing easier games at the beginning .

A very important fact is also the multi-level progressive concept because unexperienced players look for big amount of jackpots, as you know, so it is important to have high jackpots. They don't know about the odds to win them, but it's important. That's in Macau, but even Macau has been growing healthy because, when I started working in this market in 2002, slots had 2% of the revenue and it's now approaching double digits of revenue numbers in slots, so we tend to have the same numbers in revenue coming from slots as well as in tables, but in other countries in Asia is different. Cambodia and Vietnam have a lot slots play, for instance.

What do you think about this show? What is the balance of this event?

We see that we have a lot of international interest from other Asian countries . The show for Macau alone wouldn't make any sense because here we have ten important accounts, so the test for us is really to be in a show that can support international business, and that, I think, is something we can confirm. We are very convinced that we should increase our presence because there's a lot of growth expected in Asia, still, and it will be prominent to represent next year.

How important is the Asian market for Atronic?

If you look at the major territories of Atronic, we have to start with the US. US has a certain growth still but it has limits inside, Europe is stable, Russia is actually unfortunately going down, so Asia is one of the markets which the international industry believes we have good growth potential in the next three to five years, and is definitively “the” growth market in which we are putting our main focus at the moment.

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