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October 27, 2021

The first edition of LCCP was released in November 2006

UK: Gambling Commission published an update on the Licence Conditions and Codes of Practice

(UK).- Last June 1st, the Commission published its new licence conditions and codes of practice, which must be followed by all operators in the gambling industry if they wish to operate a gambling business in Britain from September 1st 2007.


he document replaces the edition of the LCCP which was published in November 2006, and Supplement 1 of the licence conditions and codes of practice published in December 2006 which related to the financial requirements and conditions on operators.

By publishing LCCP June 2007, three months prior to the new regime becoming operational, they are providing those who have applied for operating and personal licences with certainty about the conditions and codes with which they are required to comply from September 1st 2007.

Individual licensees will receive copies of the conditions and code provisions applicable to their particular licence when their licence is issued. The conditions and codes set out the rules which operators must observe to meet the Commission's three licensing objectives of keeping crime out of gambling, ensuring that gambling is fair and open, and protecting children and other vulnerable people from being harmed or exploited by gambling.

The Commission has powers to prosecute operators who fail to maintain the standards it sets and can impose fines on operators who breach their licence conditions. It published the first edition of LCCP in November 2006.

This followed consultation with a wide range of interested organisations, stakeholders, and individuals, including representatives of the gambling industry, local authorities, faith groups, responsible gambling organisations and government departments. That consultation document is also available on this website in conjunction with the 74 non-confidential responses received.

A document explaining the changes made in LCCP June 2007 is available for download. The Commission does not intend to amend the provisions in this document prior to 1 September 2007 unless it proves unavoidable. Subsequently it will only make amendments where necessary and based on its experience of implementing the conditions and codes.

Under the terms of the transitional arrangements set by DCMS, the relevant conditions and codes from the LCCP June 2007 will apply not only to new licences issued by the Commission under the Gambling Act 2005, but also: in the case of those applicable to lottery operating licences issued to non-commercial societies, to converted society lottery operating licences which will replace current registrations under the Lotteries and Amusements Act 1976.

In the case of those applicable to gaming machine technical operating licences, to continuing machine supply or maintenance certificates issued under section 27 of the Gaming Act 1968 and to any interim personal or operating licence a person holds pending final determination of their licence application.

A list of the licence conditions and codes relevant to each licence holder will be issued as part of their Operating Licence.

Relevant requirements of the conditions and code provisions were notified in draft to the European Commission in accordance with Directive 98/34/EC, as amended by Directive 98/48/EC.

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