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September 28, 2021

To further strengthen the player pull generated by a topper

Suzo generated a new topper technology for casino and AWP machines

(Holland).- The Suzo-Happ group released a new generation of toppers for casino and AWP machines. The R&D department was tasked by Suzo management to generate a new technology, which brings two strong advancements: move to colour (RGB) toppers and the possibility to be fitted with multi-coloured LED's - using ultra-bright nichia LED's.


he second solution is the networking of toppers - up to eight toppers can be linked together. This technology uses computer network patch cables, allowing the toppers to be synchronized. Casinos can even link this synchronization to create unique patterns, for example a snake pattern that runs from one topper to the next.

The LED's that Suzo has chosen are current driven. This means that they give an improved, longer life. The communication of the synchronized hoppers is via ccTalk, so OEM's can easily control and create new commands to the toppers, allowed a whole range of possibilities. For the RGB toppers, different colour combinations for flashing pattern can easily be selected. Therefore, a topper can flash with unique patterns for different states - such as prize winning, playing and stand by.

Marcel Oelen, Suzo's Managing Director stated, “The market has really taken to the Suzo toppers. However, we felt that we could always improve on this technology. As machines are being linked together more and more, it was the natural next step to offer the possibility to link the toppers as well. This confirms optically to the player that the bank of machines really are linked together and serves as a further sales argument to link machines. The RGB toppers bring colour to the toppers and allow even further flexibility”.

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