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June 23, 2021

However, bookmakers suggest that openly sharing data is a contentious issue

UK: Gambling Commission wants information sharing talks

(UK).- The Gambling Commission is to meet with representatives from the betting industry to discuss matters relating to sports betting, in the hope of securing the open sharing of information relating to the betting habits of punters who place large and suspicious bets.


om Kelly, chairman of the Association of British Bookmakers (ABB) which is leading the bookmakers, argued that provisions made in the 2005 Gambling Act were sufficient to protect sport from cheating, but added that he hoped some middle ground would be reached.

A consultation document produced by the Gambling Commission outlined a proposal which introduces a licence condition requiring licensees to take a ’risk-based approach’, with reasonable steps, to identify customers who place bets over a significant threshold limit, either in one bet or over a number of transactions in one day.

“We therefore suggest that, while we will not require, through a licence condition, that betting licensees make it a condition of business that a customer must agree to personal information being made available to the sport governing bodies, there may be advantages for licensees in including such terms as a condition of their business," the commission said.

However, bookmakers are suggesting that openly sharing information is a contentious issue as the issue of the sharing of personal information between two parties violating the Data Protection Act. The commission have made it clear that gambling companies do not require their customers to agree to their personal information being shared as a condition of service, but there could be advantages for those that did.

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