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June 22, 2021

Total sales volume exceeded 62 million euros during the Chinese New Year celebrations

Intralot had a great system performance in Taiwan

(Taiwan).- Intralot, the new technology supplier of the local gaming operator, Taiwan Lottery Company (TLC), successfully handled the surplus of demand of lottery games, in Taiwan. With the new system's launch, playing opportunities for the players have been enriched.


he new gaming infrastructure provided by Intralot administered more than 23 million transactions in 4700 Points of Sales (POS) during the Chinese New Year celebrations, from 17 to 25 February, for a total sales volume exceeding 62 million euros.

The dynamics brought by the firm's integrated gaming solutions, did not only concern the exemplary processing of the increased volume of transactions during the festivities period, but have also seen an increase of sales per retailer of about 20% compared to the previous 2 years, even before the Chinese New Year period began.

Of the 4700 active retailers, all of them handicapped people who -by law- are exclusively allowed to operate lottery POS, half saw daily sales exceeding 5,000 euros, with the top-selling one reaching 30,000 euros.

With the new system's launch, playing opportunities for the players have been enriched: three games have daily draws. A single ticket won a jackpot of 18 million euros on Friday, one of the largest jackpots in the history of Taiwan's Lottery. All that, within the first 2 months of the new system's launch. The project's opening foreboded its bright future perspectives, with the “Big-Bang” launch of a 4.600-terminal network. By comparison, the previous provider started with approximately 3.000 terminals.

According to Tzeng, who had the top sales volume in Taipei, total sales volume during the Chinese New Year holidays escalated three times more than usual. The 5-day sales amount recorded from 19 to 23 February has reached 50% of the average monthly sales. People stood in line for three to five minutes to purchase a lottery ticket. Tzeng even sought the help of extra manpower during the holidays. He says that he has confidence in February's sales volume reaching new highs.

“During the Chinese New Year holidays from 17 to 25 February, our total sales volume grew phenomenally to exceed 62 million euros and 6/49 Lotto sales volume on 23 February alone exceeded 24 million euros, a historical feat for Taiwan Lottery. We believe that with our ongoing partnership with Intralot, the upgraded system and solutions, the Taiwan lottery industry can only thrive”, said Ruu-Tian Chang, President of Taiwan Lottery Company.

Intralot CEO, Constantinos Antonopoulos stated: “We are very pleased to provide a technically superior lottery solution in Taiwan, one of the most technologically sophisticated countries in the world. We are confident that the firm's state-of-art gaming system will enable TLC to score even higher records”.

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