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June 21, 2021

This week it made its first two draws and offered a us$ 2.5 million jackpot

Televisa made its debut in the Mexican lottery market

(Mexico).- The Mexican giant Televisa released on Monday its lottery division with a series of draws, targeted to attract the most popular betting market, that in the long term could become another important source of income for the group.


puestas Internacionales, the gaming division of Televisa, commented the details of the draws unit Multijuegos, after the release of an advertising campaign to attract its viewers.

Though an Internet site ( and with announcements in the newspapers, the company explained the four types it offers to win prizes in its daily draws. The best prizes are offered by SuperLotto Millonario, that in its initial draw had a us$ 2.5 million jackpot. The ticket costs between us$ 0.09 and us$ 1.80.

But before that, the company held the first Toma 3 and Toma 4 draws, which offered prizes from us$ 454 to us$ 2,272, respectively. The procedure is simple: people have to choose 3 or 4 numbers from 0 to 9. The Toma 3 ticket costs between us$ 0.04 and us$ 0.13, while Toma 4 costs from us$ 0.09 and us$ 0.45, the cheapest bets that can be performed in Mexico.

In Súper Multiplicador, with draws on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, people have to choose five numbers from 1 up to 34. It costs between us$ 0.45 to us$ 0.90 and people may win us$ 9,000 to us$ 90,896.

Analysts forecast that joining the sinergies of its editorial division, open TV and paid TV, in the long term the group could generate between US$ 175 and 216 million a year, which would represent a 5% of its total earnings.

Tickets are sold through a national network of retailers, drugstores and general stores, among others. Televisa did not release the exact number of distributors, but in an announcement on the newspaper it affirms that there are "thousands". On top of its new lottery, the firm entered in 2006 in the growing betting market and games of chance with PlayCity, its chain of bingo halls.

It currently has five bingo halls and expects to open five more this year. Televisa has been very discrete with the plans for the games of chance market, after the controversy aroused due to the quick way in which the government granted its license in 2005. Caliente and CIE, leaders of the sector, had to build horse racetracks and greyhound racetracks before their licenses were granted.

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