International edition
June 21, 2021

The “eCOGRA Global Online Gambler Survey”

eCOGRA presents the world's largest study of the online gambler revealed

(UK).- At the opening of ATEI, the first comprehensive picture of the “average” online gambler emerges from a huge research project involving nearly 11,000 players from 96 countries.


he “eCOGRA Global Online Gambler Survey” commissioned by industry self-regulatory body eCOGRA and undertaken by the Betting and International Gaming research Units at Nottingham Trent University, is the largest study to date into player behaviour and attitudes to the industry.

One of the most surprising findings to emerge is that although playing for money was important in terms of making games entertaining, overall, the majority of gamblers appear to not be playing to win money long-term. It's more about entertainment.

When players across all forms of gambling were asked why they gambled online, answers such as “to relax”, “for the entertainment and excitement” or “to relieve boredom” heavily outweighed “to make money” or “to win”, highlighting that online gamblers view their pastime as simply another form of leisure activity.

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