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October 25, 2021

It announces demonstrations for upcoming ICE 2007

Cyberview to expand server-based gaming

(US).- Cyberview Technology is expanding the capabilities of server-based systems. It's all part of Cyberview's plan to follow up its pioneering of server-based gaming itself with new frontiers of how to use it. The company offers four new products or capabilities for the Cyberview Technology gaming system.


he company offers four new products, including the Cyberview Dynamic Game Library, which allows you to build the games your players want on your machines; a Game Development Kit, which supplies tools for rapid quality games development on the Cyberview Platform.

Also, the Cyberview RDA with SDCS, which solve gaming machine problems throughout your estate without leaving your desk and Secure Interactive Video Lottery Terminal - the first secure and truly robust interactive lottery gaming system. At ICE 2007, the firm will be showcasing the ability to convert legacy gaming machines into a “downloadable” system, enabling the key benefits of this new technology.

Designed to add new value to existing machines, this “Refresh Technology” provides a cost-effective method to make possible a wide array of the key functions of a Cyberview server-based, downloadable gaming system.

With it, an operator can now introduce new games faster, more cost effectively and at a reduced risk - using current or old machine inventory. Without a major re-investment in new machines, the operator can present a multi-level wide-area progressive jackpot system at no extra cost.

In all, the conversion provides a dynamic technology platform that can be monitored, controlled and changed to meet market demands. The technology is intended especially for the re-use of traditional standalone gaming machines - mechanical reels, video reels or video poker machines.

The Cyberview Refresh Technology works by installing the Cyberview Refresh Box in a legacy machine. Once “refreshed,” the machines can be used in a casino, slot parlour or an operation with multiple sites. Peripheral devices may be upgraded if necessary. Already developed for the South American market, the conversion technology is in final stages for other gaming environments.

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