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"Brazil's regulation promises substantial benefits, including increased revenue, transparency, jobs, economic growth" 

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A few months ago, iGaming software solutions provider SOFTSWISS announced the appointment of executive Carla Dualib as the new Regional Director of Business Development for the Latin American market.

Dualib took over the position in a region that is gaining great importance for the gaming industry, with markets in constant development and great potential, with relevant events such as the long-awaited gambling regulation in Brazil. On these topics and more, she shared her thoughts with Yogonet in an exclusive interview.

First of all, congratulations on your new position. What can you tell us about your role as Regional Director of Business Development in Latin America?

Thank you. In my new role, I lead business development efforts in Brazil, working to unlock new opportunities. My responsibilities encompass initiating and engaging in business negotiations, monitoring the entire process, ensuring seamless collaboration with our partners, impeccably managing projects, staying abreast of technological advancements, and actively participating in local and global events to enhance SOFTSWISS’ brand awareness among potential clients. Whatever SOFTSWISS needs in Brazil, I will do my best to achieve it!

Carla Dualib

From your new position, what strategy does SOFTSWISS have to face such a diverse and complex market as the Latin American one?

More opportunities are coming! Wait for it! Well, in Brazil, we approach the market with meticulous attention. Our team works tirelessly, fueled by unwavering dedication, resolute commitment, and a genuine passion to elevate the excellence of  SOFTSWISS’ service in this realm.

The Brazilian market holds immense promise for SOFTSWISS, driven not only by the fervent local gaming culture and deep passion for sports, especially football and iGaming but also by a robust embrace of advanced technology. The growing middle-aged population with their increasing consumption patterns, further accentuates this potential.

Since SOFTSWISS stands out as a global frontrunner in crafting gaming software for online casinos and sports betting projects, encompassing game offerings and payment solutions, the forthcoming sequence of platform launches in Brazil is poised to be a success.

Speaking specifically about Brazil, the country is in the spotlight due to its gambling regulation process, what is your opinion and what opportunities do you think it could mean for SOFTSWISS, not only Brazil's progress towards regulation, but also the rest of the region?

Generally, I am optimistic about the iGaming regulation in Brazil. This regulatory framework promises to yield substantial benefits, including increased revenue, transparency, jobs, and economic growth. 

The provisions of MP No. 1.182, dated 24 July 2023, introduce a tax rate of 18%. When accounting for additional taxes such as PIS, COFINS, and ISS, the cumulative tax burden for companies could reach approximately 30%. What is more, the imposition of taxes on players' winnings would position Brazil among the nations with the highest tax obligations in the world. This presents a legitimate concern because companies may transfer these costs to players, who, if dissatisfied, may explore more advantageous alternatives.

However, many commendable aspects arise in terms of player and sports safeguarding. For example, explicit direct or implicit restrictions on betting engagement for individuals below 18 years of age, or even for people listed on the national credit protection registers like SPC and Serasa – a measure to protect the financially vulnerable from financial losses.

From a promotional point of view, the oversight by CONAR and the overall communication tone play an essential role in shaping the perception of sports as a form of entertainment among Brazilians.

SOFTSWISS' stand at BiS SiGMA Americas this year

SOFTSWISS is confirmed to be present at the SBC Summit Miami in October. What are your expectations for the event and what brand surprises can we expect to find at the summit?

In the United States, the sports betting law was changed in 2018, allowing individual states to legalize and regulate sports betting. Since then, many states have adopted legislation to allow gambling within their jurisdictions, although rules and regulations vary widely between them. The betting market in the United States registered a 98% increase in 2022, totaling more than 79.6 billion US dollars in transactions, according to a report released by the intelligence and data analysis platform Variety Intelligence Platform. New York City leads the state ranking, with 13 billion US dollars, followed by New Jersey, with 8.1 billion US dollars.

Yes, SOFTSWISS will be in Miami. I think that many American companies see the Brazilian market as the next step for expanding their operations and certainly SOFTSWISS will be able to contribute with the best technology for this expansion and structure.

SOFTSWISS solutions have a prominent position in the iGaming industry, what do you think are the strengths that have brought the brand to that status?

The first advantage that differentiates us from competitors, which I consider fundamental, is our server uptime. We have almost 15 years of experience in iGaming. Our software was designed to handle all heavy loads and we prioritized this aspect from the beginning.

Another fundamental advantage is the client-centric approach we follow when working with operators. We place a strong emphasis on communication and actively incorporate their feedback into our processes.

Our goal is not only to provide the best solutions for our clients but to contribute to their business growth. That’s why in recent years SOFTSWISS has been actively engaged in building an ecosystem of cross-integrated products for the iGaming business. We see our clients’ success as our own. We are true partners and that is why we share countless insights with operators. We go beyond offering support and technology. Although they have access to excellent software and can handle it themselves, sometimes they need additional support and a quick resolution of an issue – we are well prepared to provide that.

I see SOFTSWISS as a company that is constantly monitoring and enhancing products, ensuring continuous development. SOFTSWISS is a company that is highly adaptable to client needs and responds promptly to requests. Depending on the requirements of our partners, we are ready and able to expand their business and resolve any issues. We are client-centric in that way.

SOFTSWISS' stand at ICE London this year

Finally, what's new, and what plans does SOFTSWISS have regionally for the remainder of 2023 and 2024 to come?

Our plan is to continue to advance the business in Brazil and Latin America, bringing in more partners and clients, and promoting our technology as much as possible.

We are a large group and we want to be present at major industry events and to learn more and more about market developments, all the while presenting our technology and bringing in new partners so that we can grow together, and generate great results for our operators.

Rodrigo Capeans
by Rodrigo Capeans
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