Interview with Arleth Godinez

"At PGS, Aruze will present for the very first time in Lima our great Muso Curve Hybrid"

Arleth Godinez, Director of Sales of Latin America and the Caribbean, Aruze.
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As the LatAm gaming industry reunites today and on Thursday at the 19th edition of Peru Gaming Show (PGS) at the Jockey Exhibition Center, in Lima, Yogonet caught up with gaming provider Aruze Gaming ahead of the event

"We consider it a great occasion to greet our clients and our friends, and to develop business opportunities," says Arleth Godinez, Director of Sales of Latin America and the Caribbean. "We will also present for the very first time in Lima, Peru, our great Muso Curve Hybrid and awesome games series like Fantastic Dragon and X- Wheel."

Godinez further describes to Yogonet the company's expectations for the event, reflects on the importance of Peru and LatAm for its operations, and explains what sets Aruze's portfolio apart from its competitors.

Aruze will be participating in the latest edition of the Peru Gaming Show. What will the company’s presence at the event be like, and what will the business focus on at the expo?

The Peru Gaming Show will be a memorable event in which we will share special moments with all of the attendants. We consider it a great occasion to greet our clients, our friends, and develop business opportunities.

We will demonstrate, once again, our commitment to make ARUZE a leading company. We will also present for the very first time in Lima, Peru, our great Muso Curve Hybrid and awesome games series like Fantastic Dragon and X- Wheel.

PGS is one of the region’s most renowned trade events. What are your expectations for this upcoming edition, and what impact could it potentially have on the company?

Aruze’s presence in recent previous events was immensely successful and that makes us really proud. In the upcoming edition of Peru Gaming Show, we expect to continue attracting new visitors to our booth in order to show the products that are pushing the entertainment industry’s levels.

Aruze’s success in each trade show leads to an increment in sales which means that more and more casinos worldwide are able to offer quality products and entertainment.

What role does Peru and the Latam region at large play within the company’s operations at the moment? In what ways can the business assist operators in the region?

Peru is one of the most relevant and developed markets in Latin America -and also highly regulated- which makes it an excellent place for business opportunities

The Peru Gaming Show 2022 edition is a clear and positive sign for the Latin American game industry, which has been hit by the Covid pandemic. The Peruvian economy is constantly changing and evolving. That means that it keeps on moving and making significant steps to overcome the effects of the pandemic.

Aruze provides operators with a unique service that goes from choosing the correct products for their business to installing them, always giving full assistance. Operators rely on and trust our company because we care about their business and also because they know our products are very well received by the audience.

The company has recently reached agreements with Four Points by Sheraton Caguas Real in Puerto Rico, a debut at the venue, following other deals in the country. What reception have Aruze’s products found in Caribbean and Latin American markets? What are the main demands of the sector?

Aruze’s cabinets and an extensive collection of compelling game titles provide fun for everyone. Our brand is part of many casinos in Puerto Rico and people really enjoy having fun with our products. The results really go beyond our expectations and encourage us to keep on working on new products

Users look for fun and innovative products -many times based on traditional classics like Aruze’s Go Go Claw and Lucky Roulette- so we focus on creating products that offer new experiences, bringing into play familiarity while also introducing new technologies to create new playstyles. 

Aruze's Muso Curve Hybrid

Aruze has been presenting new products this year, including a premium Muso Curve 55 Midnight Edition cabinet. How would you describe the company’s latest offerings and how do they stand out from the competition?

Aruze’s latest products reflect the evolution of gaming and provide a modern, highly engaging user experience. The Muso Curve 55 Midnight Edition cabinet is part of our Premium product line, it is really attractive and it is one of a kind. There are practically no cabinets with those characteristics available for sale in the market.

Our company is always looking forward to delivering innovative solutions full of adrenaline and excitement for both players and operators. What makes us stand out from the competition is the fact that we provide high-quality products with unparalleled customer service

Earlier this year, Aruze renovated its exclusive contract with game distribution company Techno Gaming as an exclusive distributor in Argentina and Uruguay. What can you tell us about this deal, and what opportunities do you find in these jurisdictions?

We are extremely happy to extend our contract with Techno Gaming. We’ve been working together for many years and the distribution company has had an incredible performance since then. There are plenty of opportunities in Argentina and Uruguay, and together we are expanding entertainment in the region successfully

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