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Tiidal Gaming's brand becomes first odds provider of player proposition markets for Dota 2

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Toronto-based esports and gaming platform company Tiidal Gaming Group announced Tuesday that Sportsflare, a wholly-owned division of Tiidal Gaming, has launched the first-of-its-kind player proposition markets for Dota 2 on its platform. 

Player proposition markets allow bettors to wager on certain outcomes that are determined by the performance of individual players during a game. Sportsflare will be the first odds provider to deliver them for Dota 2. This offering has not yet become available on any bookmaker and, to date, there are no platforms that provide it as part of their core product offering, according to the company.

Sportsflare already offers a comprehensive CS:GO player prop coverage based on the number of available matches and markets in the industry. As a result, the new offering enables Sportsflare to deliver an extensive suite of player prop markets. 

The Sportsflare’s player proposition markets for Dota 2 provide betting options comprising player kills over/under on every map. They are available for Tier 1 Dota 2 games within major esports competitions, with over 3,000 fixtures covered per year. 

The player prop markets for Dota 2 along with CS:GO will be charged based on an artificial intelligence (AI) driven pricing model to enhance returns on each bet placed. This offering will be provided in pre-match markets and Sportsflare's esports Betbuilder, which allows player props to be combined with other Dota 2 prop bets. It will be available for all sportsbooks that license Sportflare’s data. 

In an official press release, Max Polaczuk, Chief Technology Officer of Tiidal Gaming, spoke about this proposition markets and said: “The new player prop markets for Dota 2 gives us a first-mover advantage in the esports space as there are currently no sportsbooks or platform providers that offer this product. Prop betting has been successful in traditional sports where fans follow players as much as they follow their favourite teams. We believe that the esports industry is no different and by providing player prop wagering for leading esports titles, we will be able to offer esports fans to bet on specific outcomes revolving around the players they follow. Moving forward, we will continue to offer additional product offerings that will improve the betting experience and subsequently boost betting activity by a significant margin."

Fixed-odds betting, which includes proposition wagering, held the largest revenue share within the global sports betting industry in 2020, generating over $16.75 billion. In addition, prop bets are increasing in popularity within U.S. sportsbooks as well as Canadian lottery companies, especially since the legalization of single-event sports betting in Canada.

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