BSOP Millions 2021

Brazilian Series of Poker’s Main Event sets all-time record in prize and attendance

Golden Hall, at WTC São Paulo, Brazil.
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The Brazilian Series of Poker (BSOP) Main Event Millions 2021 has just reached the largest Main Event in 17 years of history of the Brazilian Poker Championship, the largest competition in the Southern Hemisphere: amounting to 4.115 entries on the main event and prize value at R$ 11,6 million (US$ 2,05 million). Until now, the largest landmark had been 3.472 entries, in 2015.

After almost two years at standstill due to the pandemic, BSOP Millions also returns with a record prize value at the Main Event: 34,8% more than the R$ 8,6 million prize (US$ 1.5 million), also recorded in 2015.

“You are competing for the biggest Main Event in history”, announced Devanir Campos, technical director for BSOP, through the sound systems on the Golden Hall, at WTC São Paulo, which holds the event until December 5th. He reinforced that the previous record was held at a better economic scenario, thus he praised the new landmark, which reflects the scale of the event.

“We are very delighted to beat our own record. The largest number for the Main Event had been in 2015, at another point in our economy. After 2015, the number in the entertainment sector as a whole plummeted. So it is a great joy, not only because of the results but also because of the number of new participants. This means that poker has grown. The ecosystem is vibrant and there’s still a lot of room to grow”, says Devanir, who also complimented the players' cooperation - both professionals and amateurs - for respecting the sanitary protocols and ensuring safe entertainment.

Lara Bruno, operations director for BSOP, highlighted that this installment of Millions demanded doubled commitment from the production team because the planning time was shorter and the event’s organization was unique, due to the sanitary rules. “It was speed-planning. Normally we start planning for Millions about eight months in advance. This time, we truly started in August, when we felt that the on-site events could return. It was a very short time, but the team was dedicated, overjoyed to be working again”, she stated.

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