Interview with SOFTSWISS' partners and BC.Game

"The stability you find in a crypto casino is often not available at a traditional casino"

SOFTSWISS is the first online gambling software company to start working with cryptocurrencies.
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One of the fastest-growing spheres of the iGaming industry in recent years is crypto gambling. The first company to focus on this area and see potential in cryptocurrency was SOFTSWISS, which introduced a bitcoin-optimized online casino solution back in 2013. Today its clients include well-known and respected companies such as BC.Game and Stake. In an interview for Yogonet, their leaders discuss their experiences, trends in crypto-gambling and their cooperation with SOFTSWISS.

At what point of your business plan did you know you would be starting a crypto-based brand?

Eddie Miroslav, Co-founder at Since entering the iGaming industry in 2013 with we have always been crypto-centric. Crypto has the power to offer a truly global product. This is a view we’ve held ever since we first discovered Bitcoin.

Chris Butler, Head of Operations at BC.Game: Our idea from the beginning was to start a gaming platform but crypto-based. Keeping that vision, our core team started building the product and the team. When we began it was a fairly new concept, slowly picking up pace. 

How hard was it to find your target market for casino or casino-like games played in crypto when you first started?

Eddie Miroslav: Back in 2013 the crypto community was quite small. It was limited mainly to forums like Bitcointalk. Ensuring we were trusted in these communities was very important. We’ve found that over the years the target market & demographic has changed a lot. From our experience, what was originally a very niche target market who found simplistic games like “Dice” appealing has evolved into a more mainstream demographic looking for traditional slots & table games.

Chris Butler: When we first started in 2017, there were a few crypto casinos but they came with a lot of negative baggage of being unfair. That need for a provably fair crypto gaming platform gave birth to BC.GAME. We take a lot of pride in being a provably fair platform which attracts a lot of users as they can check each bet and build trust and a relationship with BC.GAME. It was not much of a task but a welcome change for the users when we launched to find a provably fair casino which gives instant withdrawals and a lot of bonuses and rewards too! They knew they were getting value for their buck!

Crypto is experiencing a Second Wave since the first one in 2017, how has this reflected on your business?

Eddie Miroslav: Definitely. As crypto in general becomes more mainstream it opens us up to more customers! We’ve been able to advertise our product pretty much anywhere, safely knowing that people will hold crypto and have the ability to deposit and play with us. Before these waves of adoptance it was quite difficult to effectively find a market to advertise to which you knew would be compatible with a crypto only product.

Chris Butler: Crypto definitely is grabbing a lot of eyeballs of late! The covid lockdown gave the crypto gaming sector a boost and now the world is becoming more acquainted with cryptocurrency thanks to the volatile market making news and big celebrity names tweeting about them. It’s a step in the right direction as crypto is the future! This surely helps us to get more attention too as we are amongst the top de-fi casinos which supports LN and a variety of coins on top of being a provably fair platform with thousands of games!

What has been SOFTSWISS’ contribution to your business since you started working together?

Eddie Miroslav: SOFTSWISS has allowed Stake to easily add all providers without a drawn-out direct integration process. Coupled with a great support team we’ve been able to focus on growth without having to worry too much about technical issues from 3rd parties. Being able to group together all these 3rd parties into one partnership has allowed us to focus our efforts on acquiring customers and expanding the business.

Chris Butler: The SOFTSWISS brand name holds a high value in the gaming industry. Partnering with a reliable name like this opens a lot of doors for any crypto gaming casino, builds a lot of trust in the users and helps the players have faith in our casino! We have published thousands of games from multiple providers on our platform with the help of SOFTSWISS.

How do you see the future of crypto gambling?

Eddie Miroslav: iGaming and crypto go hand in hand. Once a customer experiences the speed and efficiency of cryptocurrency when gambling there’s usually no looking back. We’re positive we’ll see continued success and further growth. Regulation will continue to change the industry but we’re confident crypto will become a part of this as well.

Chris Butler: Crypto Gambling is an industry which will be boosted enormously in the coming few years! As the world is opening its eyes to cryptocurrency and embracing a new way of transacting, crypto gambling is bound to get exposure. The stability which you find in a crypto casino is often not available at a traditional casino! The ease of transactions, the variety of games, the bonuses and rewards all available to a user right from the comfort of their homes is something which cannot be compared with traditional casinos!

What are the top 3 cryptos for you today?

Eddie Miroslav: Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin are currently the most popular. XRP is a close 4th with the other currencies (DOGE, TRX, EOS and BCH) still doing a significant amount of volume. We’re always looking to expand on our offering of coins with more coming this year.

Chris Butler: According to BC.GAME the top 3 cryptos are Bitcoin, DOGE, SHIBAINU

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