Rivalry officially launches first multiplayer online gambling game, creating new category

Rushlane is a Rivalry's proprietary casino game.
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The company aims at creating a new category for online gaming, Massively Multiplayer Online Gambling Games (MMOGG). Rushlane, a cyberpunk-themed multiplayer race, merges social gaming and casino with video game quality 3D graphics. It is specifically built for the next generation esports audience, and the first of many upcoming plans for the genre.

Sports betting and media company Rivalry announced Wednesday the official launch of its proprietary casino game, Rushlane, and the creation of a new category for online gaming: Massively Multiplayer Online Gambling Games (“MMOGG”).

Rushlane is described by the company as “an intense cyberpunk-themed multiplayer race,” which merges social gaming and casino with video game quality 3D graphics and lore to create a unique gambling experience. Its launch comes on the heels of the listing of the company’s subordinate voting shares on the TSX Venture Exchange on October 5th.

The game aims at revolutionizing the concept of the online casino game, as it is built specifically for the next generation esports audience. Rushlane brings a level of visual quality and thrilling gameplay “never seen in online casino games.”

The online gambling game was fully developed by Rivalry’s in-house game development team. It is rendered in “stunning 3D graphics” and built on the Unity Game Engine, which is typically used to build console and PC games.

“We are working hard at redefining the casino category at Rivalry and pioneering the MMOGG category,” said Steven Salz, Co-Founder and CEO of Rivalry. “The esports audience is a social audience; they prefer to compete with other players over playing games in isolation as typical casino games have historically worked.”

According to the CEO, this is “just the start” of Rivalry’s plans for this genre. “We are excited to bring the modern social experience to online gambling via Rushlane and other exciting innovations to come,” he further added.

The game is streamed live over so customers can play together simultaneously anywhere, on any device, said the company in a press release. It brings the modern social experience to online gambling and injects entertainment and community into the experience.

The company recently hosted an “After Hours” event with one of its brand partners where more than 11,000 concurrent viewers watched live on Twitch.

Players join the game via, and are dropped into a room with up to twenty-five other players. Immediately, they can chat and watch races over the live video stream. When they are ready to jump in, they pay an entrance stake which is added to the prize pool. 

Guests will then see an avatar sporting their username appear on stream along with other players who have bought in. Avatars race through chaotic, sci-fi scenarios filled with powerups and traps. Each course is randomly generated from a wide inventory of track segments that are being updated regularly, meaning no two races are the same

The first player to cross the finish line wins a share of the prize pool along with up to another five players. The game is the first of its kind in a planned universe of high-quality original games to be developed by Rivalry. It was first announced and made available in August, while it is now receiving its official launch.

“We’re looking beyond slot machines, and creating something truly unique for an esports audience and a new generation of players,” said Rivalry Lead Game Producer, Matt Marshall. “Rushlane operates much more like a video game than a casino game, with regular updates, patching, enhanced user experience features, and development of game lore.”

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